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Kentile Floors Sign To Light Up One Last Time Before Removal


Kentile Floors sign scaffolding by stribs on Instagram
The Kentile Floors sign will light up one last time in its current position before being dismantled and possibly reassembled elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Keep an eye on the skyline after dark on Friday, June 20, when George Del Barrio of Vanderbilt Republic and K2imaging will light up the sign using high-powered projectors and 3D imaging, just as they did back in May.

This one is a 15-minute program that will display in a loop through the night, and they’ll also be showing the first 30-minute program as well — expect to see snippets of the Declaration of Independence, and, according to what they’ve told DNAinfo, “maybe even a cat video or two.”

Last week the owner of the building said they were indeed removing the sign, which has been up there since the 1950s. However, they’ve agreed to donate the letters from the sign to the Gowanus Alliance, which promises to find a new home for them where neighbors can still enjoy them.

Photo by stribs

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