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Keep An Eye Out For Bicycle Stolen On Cortelyou Road


stolen bicycle

Neighbor Samantha Granados’ bicycle was stolen on Cortelyou Road yesterday – and she’s asking her fellow Ditmas Parkers to keep an eye out for much-loved green Avalon mountain bike.

The bicycle, which was locked up next to the train station and in front of Met Foods (1610 Cortelyou Road), was taken between 12:30pm and 2:30pm Monday.

“When I came back after running errands, the lock was broken and lying on the ground,” Samantha wrote to us.

If you spot the bicycle, the neighbor said she’d be incredibly grateful if you emailed her at Samantha.granados26@gmail.com.

This information from Samantha also got us wondering – who else has had their bicycle stolen in the neighborhood? Do there seem to be any particularly problematic spots for bike theft?

Photo via Samantha Granados.

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  1. I would have figured that the number of stripped down abandoned bikes on Cortelyou would have been clue enough that theft was an issue. Also, never lock a bike without a high quality D-Lock. Cable locks take less than five seconds to remove and you need to ensure it secures your frame and at least one wheel to a secure object. A simple wire frame fence can easily be snipped and your D-Lock removed with an angle grinder elsewhere.

    To make like a little easier, put at least some Pinhead security skewers or bolts on your wheels. Better then a cable and more convenient. If your bike has value, consider Pinhead or Atomic22 to secure from components getting stripped. For D-Locks, stick with Kryptonite or Abus.

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