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KCC Shuttle Buses In Jeopardy As Students Abuse Emergency Exits

Screenshot from NY1 report.

The Kingsborough Community College yellow buses that have been shuttling students from the campus to the Brighton Beach subway station is now in jeopardy, as school officials threaten to cut the program following complaints that students are using the rear emergency exit to disembark.

NY 1 reports that locals are complaining about students dangerously jumping from the rear door in the packed shuttle buses, rather than make their way to the front when the buses arrive at the station.

The school launched the shuttle program several years ago to alleviate crowding on the B1 and B49, by providing an alternate way for students to get to the station. A cancellation of the program would put hundreds of students back on city buses.

But the school isn’t giving the ax to the shuttle buses, operated by SAFE Coach Bus Company, just yet. In the face of complaints, they’ve placed school safety officers on the buses and are warning students of the risks of using the back door.

The bus company, though, is also coming under fire from the MTA, which claims that the yellow buses are pulling into city bus stops, forcing the B1 to pull two car’s widths away from the curb, discharging passengers and disabled riders into the street rather than the sidewalk. The school said SAFE is now working with the MTA and the NYPD to find a better place to let passengers out.

The MTA said they’re also adding more B1 and B49 buses to the route, beginning next week.

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  1. Good. If jerkoffs can’t behave like people treat them like animals. Let them walk to train station. It might be good for them, perhaps they will loose some weight.

  2. Honestly? I’m not sure I see anything wrong with it. It’s a packed bus, and these are adults who I’d hope are capable of judging whether or not they can step off the bus without hurting themselves. But that’s me.

  3. The emergency door was not intended for normal use although it may make some sense in this case because the bus unloads quicker.  However, it should not be allowed because there are liability issues involved. What happens if someone sprains an ankle getting off. Should he sue and be allowed to collect?  Of course not. What about stepping into traffic or hitting a car when opening the door because they cannot see what is behind the bus without carefully looking which I doubt they do.

  4.  as someone who has taken this bus to/from school time to time…
    kcc lets the bus get over packed… no joked if you are sitting in the back, and the bus is full. it can be 2-4 minutes for everyone to get off so u can get out.

    kcc shouldnt even need this. if the blasted mta would put more 49’s in service…
    countless bus’s go out of service there. if they had any logistical sence, those bus’s should go express to the train and ave u. to alleviate the stress on them. 

  5. If they need more B49s, why is it that the B1s are so much more overcrowded in the afternoons? Do the students use the B1 from the subway just because it runs more often and why do I see th B49 shuttles to Sheepshead Bay running mostly empty? I think at 3PM, when they run th shuttles, they should run some B49s straight to Avenue Z bypassing the station altogether. That woud save non-subway riders 15 minutes.

  6. your right, kcc should not need it. nor should they supply it.  work around the problem (in college, training your brain to think) leave earlier, walk, bike, skateboard, carpool, find your own solution. do not depend on the mta that has it’s own agenda. 
    create your own workable solution.  it can be done. 
    (and then get a job with the mta and fix the problem) 

  7. the word animals is overused in our language… real animals have more respect then these people do… a new word  should be drafted for use… cats, dogs, rabbits and fish get a bad rap…  

  8. the actual problem is when 3 B1s or 49s come all at the same exact time and drive in a line all behind each other… you know you’ve seen this… its really ridiculous. When did 3 buses in a row become the norm? Also for the majority of the kids at KCC, most don’t have the best of brains

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