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KCC Makes Softball Pitch For Funds… Literally

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With Kingsborough Community College’s enrollment roster swelling, and projects underway to accommodate growing needs, the school has turned to some imaginative ways of raising funds. Last year was the walkathon, which raised $15,000 for scholarships – and now they’re picking a fight with a bunch of old men.

Thirteen old men, to be exact. And they’re not really that old.

On Sunday, October 24, warriors from the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association will take on the spry youths of Kingsborough’s softball team. But it’s a win-win for the school, who is hosting the match at noon, since they’re getting paid regardless.

Each of the Manhattan Beach players has doled out at least $100 to be on the team, and they’ve been raising additional funds from friends, family and neighbors as well. A final tally of funds raised is not yet available, but the number will be announced at the game on Sunday.

Anyone interested in making a contribution to the school to be presented at the game can contact Edmond Dweck at or (917) 747-5863. And, of course, the game is open for anyone to come and watch.

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  1. and all the same time as enrollment is soaring, they have raised tuition. that money went to new sports fields when the classrooms are falling apart and are extremely overcrowded. if they raise tuition, it should go to academics on not sports teams. they only people that care about the sports teams at that school are the people that play on them.

  2. How about them spending some money to enlarge and move the bus terminal onto College property to shorten the walk for its students? They’ve used the excuses of security and pollution. Queens and Staten Island Colleges have no issues with security and all the new buses are natural gas or hybrid with little pollution.

    If the College doesn’t act the City will waste funds to expand the existing terminal at Mackenzie Street which never should have been built there in the first place.

  3. Final Score MBNA 10-KCC 8 the not- so-old MBNA beat the not -so-young Kingsborough Team in a close game.
    All for a great cause.
    Great weather, great time, great game. Re-Match.

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