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Jordan’s Lobster Dock Offering At-Cost Lobsters

Photo by Lisanne Anderson

After all the whining we’ve done about the blizzard and its paralyzing effect on lives and businesses, there’s one great thing to be thankful for: an overstock of lobsters at neighborhood staple Jordan’s Lobster Dock (3165 Harkness Avenue).

The business is now home to 5,000 pounds of the delicious crustacean, after sales were crippled by the snowstorm. Now they’re looking to get rid of the inventory – at cost – for the first time in the 40-year history.

“We run a seafood lobster market NOT an aquarium,” Manager Captain John Olsson is quoted on the business’ website.

According to Grub Street, where we first heard about this awesome deal, a one-and-a-quarter-pound lobster can be picked up for $12, and larger ones are selling at $6.99 per pound. The at-cost deal lasts until the end of the month

Well, this is one Jew that can’t wait for his treif dinner!

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  1. If they sell 5,000 pounds of lobster because of me, they ought to be an advertiser!

    Oh, and don’t be afraid to mention that you saw this on Sheepshead Bites.

  2. The website is helpful for killing a lobster. I go from the underside. I also remove the brain sack and the passage through the tail where the poop is.
    If they have not been eating it will be clear and not black.
    Also if they have not been eating you will get less meat with the shell.
    Some people just throw the whole thing into a pot of boiling water but be careful it will splash.

  3. This sounds like your classic “How I turned the corner on my failing newspaper story of old”.

    I used to have a copy of the 50th Anniversary edition of “Editor & Publisher”. It was full of stories like that.

    And if the owner of Jordan’s is reading this, remember the old adage, “It pays to advertise”. It still does.

  4. Ned,
    We just got back from Jordan’s with our lobsters… We talked to Captain John, told him we read about him on “Sheepshead Bites”.
    Captain John would like to meet you…

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