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Jon Stewart Says Congressman Grimm’s Threats Just “Traditional Staten Island Goodbye”


When a congressman acts like a loon – whether it’s threatening to throw a reporter off the balcony of the Capitol building, or a tweeting out wang photos – it’s nice to be able to numb the shame of having that person represent you with a little laugh or two.

Thanks to Daily Show host Jon Stewart, we can. According to the comedian, Congressman Michael Grimm’s outburst was no outburst at all – just a typical Staten Islanders greeting.

“To be fair, ‘I will throw you off this fucking balcony’ is a relatively standard and traditional Staten Island goodbye,’” Stewart said. “Hey, how are your parents doin’? I can’t wait to throw them off a fucking balcony!”

Watch the entire segment above. The commentary on Grimm begins just after the 5:00 mark. (via Politicker)

In related news, the Staten Island Advance has penned an editorial suggesting Grimm is in violation of the House of Representatives Code of Conduct, and says it raises questions about his judgement.

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  1. Would that be the balcony of the old iconic “Stadium” or perhaps , as Grimm would have known, if he actually was from our area, thrown him in the water by “The Inn by The Wayside”?!