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John’s Deli, Lioni’s Are The Places To Go For Brooklyn’s Best Sandwiches

Source: Lioni Italian Heroes
Source: Lioni Italian Heroes

Two Bensonhurst delis are slinging some of the best sandwiches in Brooklyn, according to CBS News’ latest “Best of” list.

John’s Deli (2033 Stillwell Avenue) and Lioni’s (7803 15th Avenue) both made the cut in the unranked list of eight best sandwiches in Brooklyn.

John’s is singled out for their Godfather, a meat and cheese heavy hero that pops with color. But the ambiance gets a nod, too:

Walking into John’s Deli is a bit of a throwback – a narrow area to stand on line, signs that say things like “If you’re in a rush, you’re in the wrong place” – and a menu that has plenty of personality to fit right in.

Lioni’s, meanwhile, scores high for their fresh mozzarella and old world charm:

The sandwiches at Lioni are named after various Italian and Italian-American heroes, with Frank Sinatra at the top of the list: salami, fresh mozzarella, and a bit of seasoning (olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano). Have fun eating your way through the extensive herolist, or try your hand at creating your own combination – there’s no wrong way to put together a sandwich.

While Bensonhurst accounts for two of the eight spots – meaning the neighborhood sells one quarter of the borough’s best sandwiches, right? – eateries south of Prospect Park are well represented, with nods for eateries in Sheepshead Bay, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge.

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  1. Technically it is, same thing with Spumoni Garden but they both advertise as Bensonhurst because of its Italian roots and most people who aren’t local Brooklynites wouldn’t recognize the difference.

  2. yea thats true. But most people who read this site are local New Yorkers so it should be listed as Gravesend not Bensonhurst

  3. This is true. Except that when I ask people who live over there what they call their neighborhood, they say Bensonhurst. And I’d say Stillwell is the dividing line over there anyway, no?

    For chrissakes, we should do an interactive map where everyone can define their own borders. This is the most contested part of Brooklyn I know of!

  4. John’s Deil used to be incredible but sadly now the staff that works there make the place an absolute miserable hell. I recommend just going up the block and grabbing some sandwiches from the corner store.

  5. Yea that would actually be pretty cool. Does the city have defined boundaries for each neighborhood? I always though anything south of Bay Pkwy and 86th was considers Gravesend with Bay Pkwy being the border

  6. They still make awesome roast beef sandwiches and they are the only place I know of where I can get the old school Manhattan Special sodas in the little glass bottles like the Black Cherry and Sasperella

  7. Went to Lioni’s the other day and had to stop in my tracks as the front door was covered with their latest hero creation: the Michael Grimm hero. Of course hunger outplayed ethical sense…until next time I have the hankering. I just don’t see anything hero-worthy or heroic for that matter about a corrupt politician who threatens an NY1 reporter for asking an important question. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nsMm2gvNAU

  8. I used to think that too but Bensonhurst actually goes up until Avenue P and Mc Donald. I’ve never considered anything past 15th avenue Bensonhurst, that’s Dyker to me. Except for 14th ave from 60th – 69th street. Anything beyond that I consider Lame ass Dyker.

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