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Most Epic Jamaica Bay Fishing Video Ever Made


I’m just going to assume that iMovie isn’t some cheap Apple editing software that allows anyone with with too much time on their hands and a smartphone to construct fake movie trailers to impress their friends.

That being said, I cannot wait to see the epic feature length movie Jamaica Bay explode in theaters this summer. I’m guessing that Mark Zimmerman is the “one man who defied the seas and dared to fish!”

I wonder who is going to play his wife, Sandra Bullock? Emma Stone? Maybe Meryl Streep is the only actress capable of capturing the dread of a fisherman’s wife who just wants to see her husband return safely from another dangerous dance with the sea…

Well I don’t care who they get because, this summer, I will be in first in line to see the thrill ride that is Jamaica Bay! Who’s with me?

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  1. Maybe it’s no adventure now, but in 1971, the marine bio teacher, Mr. Silverstein sent us on a class trip into the adjoining waters off Plumb Beach. The water was quite polluted in those days. I think the only things swimming around then were mutations that resembled creatures from Alien. What the heck did he think we were going to find out there? After that trip, I think 2 boys got pregnant from the water.
    This “movie” at least shows what a difference 40 years makes. Perhaps they can make “Jamaica Bay Jaws”.

  2. Excuse me but since when do real fisherman wear rubber gloves when handling their fish? I used to fish in the bay, and I am not talking about Jamaica Bay, I am talking about the toxic waters off the Wind Jammer Hotel pier and not only would you not catch a single guy wearing gloves, you were expected to bait the hook by holding the worm in your mouth if your hands were currently occupied untangling a line or realign in a mutant flounder from the bay.

  3. The fins on these fish can cut you open. An experienced fisher pulling a substantial size fish out of the water with out a gaffer would do it no other way.

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