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Israeli Supermarket Chain Acquires Borough Park Pathmark

Source: Google Maps
Source: Google Maps

An Israeli supermarket chain has purchased the shuttered Pathmark location in Borough Park, reports Bloomberg Business.

Jerusalem-based Osher Ad — which is set to open at 1245 61st Street in August — sells strictly Kosher food and is the first Israeli supermarket chain to set up shop in the United States.

Bloomberg, citing two anonymous sources, claims the food chain is targeting Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish population, which includes about 45,000 households.

The discount retailer will open the store with a U.S. partner at an investment of $9 million with expected revenue of $100 million a year, said the people, who asked not to be named because the plans aren’t public.

The 70,000-square-foot Pathmark on 61st Street was among nearly 120 stores that were actioned off as part of its parent company A&P’s recent bankruptcy filing, and was initially acquired by a real estate developer Manischevitz Family LLC, according to reports. Another Pathmark, on Cropsey Avenue, was sold and reopened as a Stop & Shop last summer.

Osher Ad’s Pathmark purchase comes on the heels of news that the Flushing-based Asian market Jmart has acquired Bensonhurst’s 37-year-old Waldbaums on New Utrecht Avenue — another casualty of A&P’s bankruptcy filing — prompting an outcry from residents anxious about the changing character of the neighborhood.

Loyalists of the shuttered Borough Park Pathmark note on Yelp that it was located on a somewhat seedy block near the N train tracks, but that good deals could be found there. Time will tell if the incoming kosher market will receive a slightly warmer welcome than Jmart did.

In a statement to Bensonhurst Bean, Councilman David Greenfield expressed relief that the community would not lose an essential source for groceries.

“We were saddened by the loss of jobs when Pathmark closed, but we are relieved that the community will still have a supermarket,” said the councilman.

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  1. It’s not a store for the community. It’s a store only for the Jewish community. Gentiles are left without a good place to shop there. Sad.

  2. Since when is Kosher food unsuitable for Gentiles? A lot of the products you’d have bought in Pathmark (and particularly that Pathmark) are/were Kosher.

    It might be a good idea to wait for the store to actually open, and you’ve had a chance to see what they sell, before writing them off as an unacceptable market.

  3. I wanted a Japanese store but was told I have to go to Manhattan or NJ. The Chinese seem to have hate towards the Japanese for some strange reason.

    And the backlash towards something European & upper class; yikes!! You are just bullied and called a “hipster” for wanting something high end. Then told to move.

    The biggest bullies are most certainly recognized on this site and should be publicly shamed for how they treat others. Most certainly not inclusion for all. More like, inclusion for the ones they deem worthy.

  4. I agree with you. These neighborhoods are changing and people are upset with those changes. I’ve purchased both Kosher and non Kosher products and the biggest difference is that they kill the meat differently and they separate cheese and milk products from other products. I’m Italian but I’ve purchased Kosher products and if you read the labels on a lot of products you’ll see that they’re Kosher and you didn’t even know it.

  5. I disagree. It seems that people here want American, American, American! Let’s say it again: American! And American certainly is NOT Italian by any stretch of the imagination. The Italians have plenty of stuff around here anyway, certainly more than enough in relation to their share of the population. But the Americans? They’ve got a lot of chain drug stores and a few gas stations. In fact, I’ve not read one post related to these two supermarkets buys that complained about them not being Italian. And that isn’t surprising, because no Italian shops in a supermarket. No, it seems that we have a lot of Americans in these neighborhoods and they want their American things, you know, plastic packaged frozen meats, frozen TV dinners, bread that resembles foam padding, artificially-flavored ice creams, etc. Of course, they can get all that garbage at any supermarket, regardless who owns it, so it really befuddles me as to why these people are complaining.

  6. “plastic packaged frozen meats, frozen TV dinners, bread that resembles foam padding, artificially-flavored ice creams”

    Actually, every one of those items is available in the Asian markets around here. Not necessarily the same brands as in Pathmark or Waldbaums, but there are some good alternatives to Purdue, Wonder/Bimbo and Haagen Daz.

    I do note that Swanson appears to be universally popular. Do people still call them “TV dinners”, or is they just “frozen entrees” now that everyone thinks themselves a foodie, and TV is on the way out?

  7. “Actually, every one of those items is available in the Asian markets around here.”

    Of course they are! That’s my point. One supermarket is as good as any other, as in, they all have the same garbage. Some different brands, some different smells, etc. but that’s all minutiae.

    The fact that the articles in this rag that generate the most comments (all dubious, at best) are about supermarkets speaks volumes. What it says about our community, I’m not sure, but make no mistake: this neighborhood is more packed with chain stores, more filled with mass-produced American trash than it ever was. So, I don’t know what all these Americans are whining about. Frozen entrees, TV dinners, computer dinners, smart phone dinners: garbage by any other name would smell the same! So, everyone, let’s go forth hand in hand, neighbor loving neighbor, filling our shopping carts on the way to the promise land.

  8. I want high end food and personally don’t care what ethnicity is selling it; as long as I can obtain it without traveling to Manhattan or NJ.

    Problem is, none of these new stores do that.

  9. Unlike what happened towards the Chinese of the sale of New Ultrect’s Waldbaums, I wonder where’s the outrage towards the Jews for the sale of this place?

  10. Kosher diet too restrictive to gentiles who typically shops on Sabbath, loves pork and wants diary together with the products. Chinese meats and vegetables needs more preparation before can be consumed?

    New owners to Pathmark should divide up the building two separate entrances for Jewish and Gentiles, hire Gentiles only to run the Gentile store, hire minorities to takeover Jewish shifts during Sabbath and religious days, but still handle the money in the back office.

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