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Is Your Street Still Unplowed?


At around 8:15 a.m. today, a snow plow finally arrived on my block to clear the now-frozen three feet of snow running down its length. About 30 feet into the block, the Sanitation truck-turned-plow got stuck.

It’s 9:00 a.m. and it’s still there.

It’s also nine hours past the time the Sanitation Department said they’d have our side streets completed, and two hours past the deadline set by Mayor Bloomberg to have all work completed.

I went out there to help dig out the Sanitation truck. The driver said a shovel would do no good; he needed to wait for a front-end loader. The stuck Sanitation plow that we photographed on Jerome Avenue near Sheepshead Bay Road was there for at least two days before a front-end loader came. How long will we wait?

But that’s not the point. It’s evident that several blocks are past the city’s self-imposed deadline for cleaning. So we can get a better idea of just how much of the area remains neglected, we’re asking you to tell us if your block and any other blocks you know have not been plowed yet.

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  1. In Gerritsen Beach, Canton has still never seen a plow between Cyrus and Seba. Granted, that can also be due to a moron with a Range Rover blocking the street… but at least 10 calls to 311 did nothing.

  2. plow would not fit there hehe these streets are …. narrow? You should tell that moron on the range rover that he should attach that plow to his truck and do that range rover was designed to do.

  3. I had a plow stuck on my block E 21 And Z last night from all the snow for 40 minutes. It was an inch from slamming into a car multiple times. My car was next to it so I almost had a heart attack. It managed to get unstuck and my street was plowed. I was able to drive to work.

  4. As I strongly suspected, it’s coming out in the papers now. The Santitation Department executed the classic slowdown because they were mad at layoffs. Ah, the unions, all for the little guy. I wonder how many “little guys” passed away due to this action.

    Furthermore, I accuse the transit workers of being complicit in this slowdown. Buses abandoned on intersections? For what purpose other than to hinder cleanup? Never have seen this one before and I’m old enough to remember the Lindsay cleanup fiasco.

    If these unions aren’t dealt with severely, the city will be crippled. Already the budget is crippled.

  5. I’m on 35th between Filmore and Ave S. Yesterday afternoon a plow came down the block twice but the blade wasn’t lowered so it did nothing. Late last night a salt spreader came down the block with a sanitation sedan behind it. There was more salt on my driveway then on the street. At least the busses and trains were finally running so I could get to work.

  6. East 17th Street the one that’s a roller coaster well was plowed but not good enough.
    They had the blade to far up hardley did no good. Plus no salt was added just a quick run. This is such an insult to the people of Brooklyn. Let’s go Marty Markowitz glad you spoke up yesturday at the Mayor who snowed balled us. Added to our roller coaster we have a ice rink also because of no salt. Watch were you are walking

  7. By “the papers” you mean NY Post? That’s some authority for sure – but not sufficient to wipe one’s @@@ with.

    Read a better account here:

    Perhaps the biggest misstep was not declaring a snow emergency. Unions have no part in such decisions. If they did make all these administrative decisions themselves, this would be socialism – where means of production belong to workers.

    Are you saying we had socialism in NYC and I missed it?!

  8. Any East streets from Ocean Ave. to Nostrand Ave. were not cleaned as of this morning (8AM).
    Plow did come through, but with the actual plow raised somewhat, so little snow was removed. This make sense, though, since there is no way those ice bricks can now be removed with a regular plow. When it was a soft snow, it could have been very different…

  9. Apparently the tools of the privileged class are working overtime, spewing their messages of hate and repression. There’s a lot of money being thrown into this effort.

  10. This is really unbelivable. I new they could not keep there word every street come on no way until the deadline.

  11. In case anyone was wondering, the plow stuck on my block stayed stuck for 4 hours until a front-end loader arrived to get him out. Once out, both he and the loader backed out of my block and neither have returned. It remains unplowed. Cars have resumed coming down, getting trapped and blocking the street. Oh happy day.

  12. All of New Mill Basin’s (Mill Island) smaller streets have still not been plowed to this day. The only streets I’ve seen plowed were Strickland Ave and Mill Ave. I got stuck twice with a 4WD SUV. I don’t know whose fault this is, Bloomberg or the unions, but it’s disgraceful.

  13. Garbage trucks with plows mounted on the front paraded down Coyle Street between T & U for the first time last night at about 9:20 PM. I say “paraded” because the plows, as noted by other local commenters, were raised up above the pavement and their heavily grooved tires left tire tread ridges 6 inches high on the still snow covered street. A storm that starts on a weekend at night gives ample opportunity to get ahead of the curve, and pile the bulk of the snow on open park and shore areas, with no need to get hung up on narrow turns. Thursday sundown and there are still just tire tracks on the street.

  14. while my block finally got somewhat cleaned up at around 5:30am this morning, East 14th between Ave. H and I looked completely unplowed as of 3pm. And this is one of the very few roads in the area that go through the LIRR freight tracks.

  15. As of now, East 21st around Avenue T and S has yet to get plowed. I wouldn’t worry about it though, a few more days and nature will take care of what Bloomy couldn’t.

  16. It is 10:00 PM, Thursday evening, 12/30/10, and still as of this date and time,
    NO Snow plow has done anything on Beaumont St., in Manhattan Beach, at least the area from Hampton Ave to Shore Blvd.
    It has been reported that 2 plows have been seen. ON the street, and neither put the plow part down and removed anuy snow from the middle of the street!!
    The street is NOW more dangerous to cars driving as they are scraping the bottom of
    their cars on ice!

  17. East 29th, 28th, and going down from there is being cleaned right now! And by cleaned, I mean actually cleaned – to the pavement. With salt and sand and such…

  18. […] The GPS technology that New York City will use is modeled after an initiative in Chicago, which displays the location of snow plows on a website, and pairs it with routes so residents can see where it’s going next. The new transparency initiative comes in response to the bungled plow jobs during the December 26 blizzard, when the city claimed streets were plowed when they actually were not. […]

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