Is This the Cheapest ATM on Cortelyou Road?


Cafe Madeline ATM

We all know that though it’s a central street in our area, Cortelyou Road doesn’t have a bank. That means that unless you use Chase, which has an ATM in the Duane Reade on the corner of East 16th (and even then, there’s often a line, and we have seen it out of cash or broken at least a couple times), you have to rely on whatever ATM you can find, and hope that the fee isn’t too high.

So which ATM has the cheapest fee? It might be the one in Cafe Madeline (1603 Cortelyou Rd), which has just a 50 cent fee. The next cheapest seems to be $1.50 at Salahi’s (1224 Cortelyou Rd) and Superior Deli (1402 Cortelyou Rd).

Have you seen any others in that range, or less, anywhere on Cortelyou?

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  1. If you use chase, Duane Reade has one that’s free. Many times though, I’ve had to hit 3 ATMS to find money.

  2. To assess potential value or cost it is important to know the maximum withdrawal amount along with the fee: 1.50 with a 60 dollar limit could cost one the same as 3.00 with a 120 dollar limit.

  3. Sheryll, is that still true? I noticed the other day that the “AllPoints” logo no longer appeared on the Chase ATM in Duane Reade… so I left the store and used a 99c store ATM.

  4. Our bank is Amalgamated (branch on Ave J), which allows us to use the Duane Reade ATM for free. Go Amalgamated! Best bank ever.

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