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Is There An Underground Fight Club Run By “The Russians” In Coney Island?

Source: Humans of New York via Facebook
Source: Humans of New York via Facebook

The Facebook account associated with the incredibly popular Humans of New York photoblog ran the above photo on Tuesday, with the subject quoted as saying he participates in an “underground fighting league in Coney Island” run by “the Russians.”

Here’s the full caption:

“The Russians run an underground fighting league in Coney Island where they pay junkies to fight. I fought about fifty fights for them. They pay you $200 win or lose. They’d always make sure I was real doped up before the fight. I mean they weren’t good people but it did make me feel kinda important to have all those gangsters cheering for me. And they’d always be really happy if I won, because that meant I’d made them money.”

The post received quite a bit of attention from our Facebook readers, but no one seems particularly confident the story is true. One reader writes that the fighting league’s existence would be unlikely to stay so secret in the otherwise gossipy Russian community.

“There would be rumors. In all my years in this community I have never heard anything remote to this,” the reader wrote.

Can anyone back this up?

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  1. I recall a Judge Judy case where a drug-addicted woman allowed a man to shoot her in the head with a paintball gun for $10.

    So, yes, it’s possible.

  2. in the late 90’s there was such thing, but most cases it was somewhere in dead quick block or corner… basically anywhere where there were no people around… but over the years it might have became more popular and now its possible to have underground clubs

  3. Junkies fighting? Half-closed eyes, swaying, slow reaction, stamina to punch 2 times before total exhaustion. Yeah that would be awesome fight, people would spend money to watch…… not…..

  4. I beat the shit out of this guy once! I was desperate for some weed one night and bumped into a group of russians under the boardwalk. They asked me if I wanted to make a quick hundred and all i had to do was stomp on this doped out guys face! i felt like a god with every blow. they are under the boardwalk on the first of every month. check it out around 3am

  5. rule of simple intelligence. If its stupid,illigal,morally wrong, well the commie kids will do it. I have lived in the bay for over 30 years…horrible traffic accidents due too these russians driving drunk on cars that should never been on the reason why the car inspections are hard to fake..medicare fraud to the max..1000s of them collecting ssi money..this is money from social the rats from Russia never paid into…I could go on for another 1000words… who need them here?

  6. Not according to his website. He claims they’re actual quotes. I didn’t poke around much past that as I didn’t see a reason to doubt it. But, please, if it’s been called out somewhere, let me know so I can amend the post. Thanks.

  7. Not surprising this could be true. There were people profiteering off this with a series of videos called bumfights. It’s sick, There is no rationalizing it regardless of whom the combatants are and their purpose for doing it. it at least warrants a look by law enforcement. I am not sure why some readers are reacting like they found Elvis. This whole scenario is certainly possible.

  8. I have been around boxing all my life, there are a few things that stand out to me that make me say BS. 50 fights is a hell of a lot of fights, especially for someone who appears to be in his early twenties, I mean the kid can’t even grow a beard, but after 50 fights you are bound to carry some signs of this on your face and hands. I don’t see any evidence of a fighter in this mans face and from what I can see of his hand it doesn’t look like he has ever abused his hands the way 50 fights would. Boxers who actually protect/semi protect their hands will have all kinds of malformations in the knuckles and fingers after a few years of fighting. I am not gonna say there is no underground fight club in Coney Island because I have no clue, but I will say this kid didn’t fight.

  9. You are right about that of the kid. As for the clubs many mafias and other gangs do set up places for fights and knowing by watching one, they sure as hell beat each other over serious low ball cash.

  10. I used to fight alongside this guy. He was about at his 40th fight when I came into the picture and I left about the same time as him, so roughly 10 fights for me but it feels like a lot more. I had to quit when they bought this green Brazillian guy in, he could electrocute you to the touch, real scary stuff. I knew things were getting to a higher level than I could take then so I bailed. I’d probably be dead if I stayed. Still, I do miss the feeling of the Russian gangsters standing by cheering me as I fought. That feeling, I wish I had something like that today.

  11. Blanka? You’re saying they brought in the fictional character Blanka from the video game Street Fighter to fight? Was the guy who ran the fights a Russian general named M. Bison who could manipulate electricity? Did you fight two brothers, Ken and Ryu, one Japanese, one American but both using the exact same fighting style?

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