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Is Brooklyn Industries Coming to Cortelyou?


Construction workers told a neighbor that designer clothing retailer Brooklyn Industries is moving into the storefront on the corner of Cortelyou Road at Marlborough Road. The old Avon sign that had marked the store for two decades came down over the weekend. The space has been empty for months.

We’ve reached out to Brooklyn Industries for more details, and will let you know once we learn more.

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  1. While I would prefer to see something like Brooklyn ARTery, that highlight smaller, even more hyper-local business that Brooklyn Industries, in that space, I continue to be in favor of something other than a restaurant on Cortelyou. Looking forward to whatever it is.

  2. I am pleased that so many restaurants and shops are moving to the neighborhood. In the 29 years that I have lived here, except for the last few years with nice restaurants being opened, there has been no decent shopping on Cortelyou Road, which remained a bleak and dirty place with little or no walking traffic. In the past year I have actually walked to Cortelyou Road not only for the greenmarket, but to have coffee and dinner in a pleasant environment. I also see that Church Avenue is starting to open some nice places as well. I see this as something positive for the neighborhood, where real estate escalated consistently over the years even before these establishments opened.

  3. This is actually a perfect thing for that corner location. I’d love to see the bar across Marlborough reopen someday, but right now there are ZERO clothing stores along Cortelyou and something like Brooklyn Industries at least makes that shopping possible now. Everyone was complaining about unused storefronts along Cortelyou, so at least this is progress in that respect and there are plenty more available for people to move in if they want or have a business plan 😉

  4. Anything
    on Cortelyou would be welcome – I know things made in China arent
    amazing but it doesnt seem to bother anyone when its a Duane Reade or a
    99 cents store or a toys store which however gentrified an item is its
    still made in China folks. Local artisan
    stuff is great but its too expensive and usually out of touch with
    anyone who can afford to buy it. I dont want anymore handmade soap nor
    dresses made out of sack materials that cost over $300 – I go to so many
    markets and I just am not impressed by any of the wares anymore.
    Brooklyn Industries is not perfect but it would be a good anchor.

  5. I just looked on their website and couldn’t find any info about it… can you point me in the right direction?

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