Southern Brooklyn

Infographic: Medical Fraud Costs Americans $80 Billion


We in Southern Brooklyn are no strangers to healthcare fraud.

We’ve got the Midwood couple that allegedly collected more than $108,000 in benefits, while living it up in lavish homes and luxury automobiles.

We’ve got the Brighton Beach proctologist that billed for more procedures than any other proctologist in the nation – many of which, prosecutors say, were bogus, including charging more than $60,000 for 85 hemorrhoidectomies on a single patient in 20 months.

We’ve got bogus pharmacies – allegedly, of course – and a slew of local operations swept up in the two largest medical fraud busts in the nation’s history.

In fact, the number of busts around here suggests that our area may just have the highest rates of healthcare fraud, per capita, in the nation. But what’s it costing American taxpayers?

About $80 billion a year, with Medicare fraud alone expected to cost $1 trillion over the next decade, according to a new infographic produced by

Here’s the infographic, which helps you understand the sheer scale of medical fraud in the nation, how it happens, and where that lost revenue could be better used.

Health Infographic: What Healthcare Fraud Is Costing You -