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Info: Buses Shuttling Locals To Overnight Warming Centers


The city has dispatched buses to pick up residents lacking heat and hot water and taking them to warming centers that are open overnight.

Unfortunately, the buses don’t have many pick up points. Here in Brooklyn, there’s just one – in Coney Island. If you can make your way to the MCU Park (Cyclones Stadium) Parking Lot at 1904 Surf Avenue at West 17th Street, a bus will take you to John Jay High School, 237 Seventh Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets.

Sound like a schlep? Certainly. Should the city provide more pick up locations? Absolutely. Regardless, don’t brush it off. If you’re in a home without heat or hot water, go through the trouble of packing a bag and getting to the shelter. It’s much better than hypothermia, and you’ll live to complain about it later.

Last bus leaves at 9:00 p.m. A full list of overnight warming centers and bus pickup locations can be found here.

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  1. I previously emailed Counc. Mike Nelson, Speaker Quinn, and Comm. Bruno (OEM) regarding the need for shuttle buses along specific avenues within the stricken areas to transport people either to these shelters or as a means to safely shop for basic necessities.. Since most resident’s cars are inoperable, there is a need for this temporary service by NYC.

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