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Infinite Auto Leasing Is Working Through The Damage


Infinite Auto Leasing has been a part of Sheepshead Bay for 13 years and isn’t going to let a little water keep them down!

With many local businesses still struggling to get back on their feet, our friends at Infinite Auto Leasing are working hard to meet all your auto leasing needs as they rebuild. While their offices at 3371 Shore Parkway were destroyed in the storm, they’re working from home and keeping their customers happy.

Infinite is delivering both new and replacement cars. If your car was damaged in the storm, Infinite is helping with insurance claims and towing. They can help you fight the paperwork and get you a replacement car, truck or van quickly and easily. You need not be a current customer; Infinite will work with you to get you a car.

Call Alex directly at (718) 415-8641 or (917) 642-1112. You can also email him at alexinfinite2000 (at ) gmail (dot) com or check out their website at

Please support our local businesses through this storm!

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  1. its nice to see that Infinite Auto Leasing is lying to consumers before they even speak to them… Been around for 13 years? That’s why their own website says “proudly serving the community since 2003.” I wonder how many consumers they lied to about the real value of the cars…

  2. UPDATE: Previous post was wrong. Infinite Auto Leasing was incorporated in February 2006, so it seems that they are using lies on their website as well to help sell their cars. I wonder how many of their customers are heavily overpaying because these guys don’t know how to count simple numbers.

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