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In Sheepshead Bay Mosque Debate, Fliers Go 'Round

Flier being circulated by mosque advocates

Two fliers from opposite sides of a controversial Sheepshead Bay mosque are being distributed around the neighborhood, each packed with heated accusations.

The flier above comes from the mosque’s advocates and calls for support in building the Islamic establishment at 2812 Voorhies Avenue.  In it, they call their opponents “local racists [that] are trying to stop us from erecting beautiful Mosque [sic], Muslim school and Muslim Center.”

But mosque opponents don’t seem phased by the accusation. Instead, they’re concerned about other language in the flier that at least one person says hints at their real motivation in the neighborhood.

“In my opinion this flier confirms every fear people expressed about the project,” one opponent wrote to Sheepshead Bites. “I like that they ‘mostly do not support terrorism’. I know what they were trying to say, but the way it came out, it has a completely opposite meaning.”

The opponent also said he’s concerned they’re claiming that “hundreds more will move here soon” and are drawing them in with free breakfasts and more.

“All this is just 30 feet from my bedroom window!” he wrote.

Critics of the mosque are kicking their opposition up a notch. They’ve incorporated a group called Bay People Inc. and have launched a website at And they’re no stranger to fliers, either. The flier below has turned up all around the neighborhood.

Bay People Inc. - opponents of the mosque - have been circulating this flier (Click to enlarge)

In addition to the familiar complaints about parking, traffic, noise and real estate prices, Bay People is now more openly targeting the group’s alleged connection to Islamic terrorism. They say the sponsor of the project, the Muslim American Society, is pro-terrorist and anti-Semitic.

On Bay People’s website, they reveal they’re “looking into hiring a legal team to help us with our quest to stop construction at 2812 Voorhies Avenue.” They say they were unable to find pro-bono assistance.

Controversy around the mosque first erupted publicly when members of the opposition group came to a Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic meeting seeking the board’s support to halt the project. Though they initially said opposition was based on traffic, parking and noise issues,  their statements quickly led the civic’s board and others to believe critics were against it because it was a Muslim project.

Later, more than 300 neighborhood residents on both sides of the issue attended a Community Board 15  meeting to represent their interests. Ultimately, the Community Board has no role in the matter as the mosque is able to build “as-of-right.”

There remains no legal means of halting the project, as the property is privately-owned and building plans fit the existing zoning regulations.

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  1. Yes, “mostly do not support terroism” is enough to give one pause I suppose. Just wanting to “prey” is pretty spooky too. In addition, since Islam is not a “race” they may want to proof read their intended insults too.

  2. Maybe the fliers supposedly written by those involved with the are bogus and meant to inflame. The misspelling of pray is rather clever, and suggestive. And why would people trying to convince residents that they are not a threat to the community write that “most of them” do not support terrorism.

  3. I'd rather have the community infested with mice and roaches than these lunatics. There are almost no muslims in this area, the group building this mosque has ties to fundamentalists and terror groups, and the call to prayers are gonig to be extremely annoying. Don't even bother comparing the call to prayers to the the church bells and the Jewish Shabbos sirens.

    Not in my neighborhood. Build it on Mars.

  4. One way to stop it is to get the neighbors to keep some pigs in their yards. It worked elsewhere!
    The “mosque” on Coney Island Ave. creates such traffic jams at prayer (prey?) time with double and triple parking with police protection. Try that at a Church or Temple!

  5. It’ll definitely kill the value of the neighborhood and homes.

    Three years from now there will be something like “Halal Chicken & Rice Shop” instead of Bagel Boy or Waldbaum's.

  6. Hmm… I remember when people said there one day will be a Russian market where Lundys once was, and Turkish food where bait & tackle shops used to be. You know what they said then? “It'll kill the value of the neighborhood and homes.”

    That's not me taking a side on this. Just something to think about.

  7. Hah! Eventually I'll start an “inappropriate Google Ad placement” contest, where readers submit their screenshots of Sheepshead Bites articles paired up with totally inappropriate ads. There was one that was truly awful – a very respected female community activist passed away, and Google put her obit alongside an ad for a lesbian matchmaking site. Yikes!

  8. Sorry pal. They're already here with the trucks. Guess what? I love that food and I'm not muslim. I guess you only like rich people to live here. This is a diverse neighborhood. If you don't like it, leave!

  9. They close off streets, with police protection, on Ocean Parkway, for a temple. West side of the street, not far south from Kings Highway.

  10. And the mosques in Parkville have caused a vast exodus from areas like Ditmas Park. And the Jewish population totally abandoned Midwood.

    What other alternative realities would you like to offer in support of your contentions? The above does not fly.

  11. Wait, so I went to that website, and saw that one of the reasons there shouldn't be a mosque is “everyone else caused parking problems” and this gem: ” The neighborhood has no alternate street parking, therefore tempting used car dealers and people going on long trips to leave their cars parked in the neighborhood.” WHAT? But the outright bigotry in: “The neighborhood residents are mostly of Italian/Russian/Jewish/Irish decent and will not benefit from having a mosque and a Muslim community center.” is appalling. (Funny too since the Irish and Italians and older Jewish residents don't always welcome Russians with open arms.) And they state that hearing the call to prayer from inside the school building infringes on the rights of the students in the building. When I lived on Ocean Parkway there were certain events held outside. Church bells ring, calling Christians to prayer. Why are the Judeo-Christians sounds acceptable but not Muslim ones? And they are looking into the financials, what about the financials of the numerous condos? The owner is unemployed but building. So what? I'm unemployed, and have money, many people are. And he donated a whopping $175 to a politician. Surely the pols jump through hoops for that kind of money!

  12. This is exactly the sort of thing I'd expect from people that would circulate a bogus flier purporting to be from participants in the mosque building project.

  13. I especially like the fact that they will bring more Blacks to the neighborhood. They are planning on converting all of them to Islam.

    It's a double threat!

    Sarcasm mode now off:

  14. Closing streets legally is one thing (and that is just the service road) and protecting illegally parked cars which more than impedes traffic is something completely different!

  15. The petition business probably throws a few people. But they don’t need a petition, their rights are protected by law, and there is no zoning restriction to impede their building the structure they intend on building. But since the opponents are getting together a petition they decided that they should mask the true purpose of the flier by setting up a petition FOR the mosque.

    These people are clever, but overplaying their hand.

  16. Ann I didn’t know you were an expert in terrorism. If there is a clear connection to terrorist activities to top members of the organization building the mosque, it should be enough to put up a red flag. Please dont spread your liberal Bull on this forum

  17. The only difference is it is a different faith that you disapprove of. And the links to terrorism seem a bit contrived.

  18. wait a min, how do u know this? what r your sources? if that is the case why is the fbi or whatevs not all over it?

  19. Ann ill be straight with you. I dont want them here and neither do most of the residents here. Call me a bigot if you want but I just don't want them here.

    It is apologetics like you who have an ass on their shoulders. Im sure if this area was full of Arabs and they wanted to build a Church or Synagogue, there would be an uproar from them.

    Another thing PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do me a favor and visit some of the arab neighborhoods in NYC and ask them how they truly feel about jews and christians. Sitting behind your computer is all you know. Go outside to see what they are truly about.

  20. Ned. You should put up a thread on SB for all these people who oppose everything. Then they can rant and libel and scream and burn all the crosses they want.

    Best thing is the rest of us won't have to read all this drivel

  21. i had no idea, that there were so many people of the islamic faith living here.
    and more due to move in? not at the prices that the rents are currently at in sheepshead bay. or the prices that the condos go for around here. honestly, i dont understand why they want to build it here, it seems so out of the way from any major islamic community….. well, there are turks living in the neighborhood, but none strike me as religious tho.

  22. We Mostly Do not support terrorism and Prey… hmm is that a legit flier from the Mosque? seems like its a fake, and if it is real someone should contact the police because that is just completely disturbing… If you see something say something, well this would be an opportune time to say something

  23. How you can compare is bsyond me. I have yet to hear an apolgy from the moslems who danced in the streets after 9/11! I have yet to hear an apolgy for 9/11! I have not heard a repudiation from one muslim for any atrocity their brethen have carried out, but yet you defend this religion who would cover you in a burka and treat you as chatel.

  24. There have been many repudiations made by Islamic leaders of the terrorist actions committed by a small number. But since you were probably not looking to find them, you are unaware of them.

    At any rate, this has nothing to do with 9/11. Additionally, there are sects in all religions that have an outdated notion of the role of women. If you wish to challenge the burka, then you had better look into the practices of other groups, some of which have significant numbers here.

  25. Anyone can start a petition. But those involved in the mosque don't need one, they are within their legal rights to build at that location. So why petition for something you already have? OTOH, if you want to make it appear as if this document is real, then you would set up a petition, knowing it has no value.

    In the meantime, the phrasing of the leaflet was meant to create more hostility for those who intend to build the mosque.

  26. I have to disagree with you here. This has everything to do with 9/11. Had 9/11 not occurred this would probably be a non-issue. There have been repudiations, but they are a small number, have been extrodinarily difficult to elicit given the horrific nature of the attack, and are not the norm. Also I’d like to point out that christians in every muslim country are being increasingly persecuted. Just try to even visit Mecca. Church bells have been banned in some countries as being “un-islamic” and christians are being murdered around the globe for their beliefs alone. While it is unfair to compare the US to them, or hold out the arguement that “well if they are doing that we can do this” arguement, there is a legitimate concern that muslims are not arriving here to flee religious persecution but to foster it. There is an element of hypocrisy in muslim charges that any citizen unwilling to blindly accept a mosque into the neighborhood is racist or bigoted when clearly it is a different call to prayer they sing in their own homelands.

    Given the track record of mosques being safehouses for terrorist activity and extremist propaganda, (Al Farooq mosque ring a bell? 1993 first WTC bombing) I am suprised that more scrutiny isn’t being applied to any application for such a facility. Almost every terrorist plot in this country since 93 can be traced back to a mosque. The list is actually quite stunning. That’s the unfortunate reality.

    It’s noble to be of the mindset that you welcome and respect all faiths, however you can’t simply turn a blind eye to those who are at war with us. Not in this city, not in this climate. That’s not racism or bigotry, that’s common sense.

  27. I certainly hope to ask people at the mosque about the flier, Lisanne. But until then, acknowledge the possibility it could be real. You've said over and over again that it's fake without any real proof. It's very possible someone with poor English wrote it and unintended double-meanings worked their way in. I can't say for sure, and will try to find out, but I really don't think the people involved on either side of this debate are that devious.

  28. Lisanne, this was exactly my thought. I would go about 100-to-1 odds that this flyer is bogus. The people who want to build the mosque are not idiots. I heard and saw who supports the mosque at the big community board meeting a couple of months ago. The three people who spoke in favor of the mosque spoke in proper, grammatically-correct, fluent (and fluid) English. They went out of their way to assure people that this wasn’t a “take-over” of the neighborhood, that they chose NOT to build outside of code or an extra-large building, that is was to serve people ALREADY here. Putting a picture of a huge mosque in Saudi Arabia on the flyer is ridiculous. And I know a LOT of Muslims in Sheepshead Bay, and I have never heard a single one say anything about converting Africans. This is really ridiculous.

  29. Last I checked, Sheepshead Bay was in America. Other countries banning church bells is not relevant. I have been highly disturbed and inconvenienced from the religious activities of others — so Muslims should NOT be singled out.

    You are racist. It is racist. It is bigotry. Full stop.

  30. You mean how Fundamentalist Christian women are treated? And Orthodox Jewish women are treated? They’re not brown enough to be upset with.

  31. Muslims here? You know who they are? And have we apologized when we’ve killed Muslims, or anyone? You haven’t heard any Muslims speak out against 9/11? Do you read any newspapers? Ever? Did you try even doing a simple search (try a site like to see if it was done? It has been, and continues to be done, for nearly a decade now.

    I’ve defended religious Jews and Fundamentalist Christians, and they treat women like crap. And not all Muslims wear Burka, that’s regionally specific. If I was Amish and required to wear a bonnet, would that be a problem? I’m Quaker and sometimes cover my head, does that make me chattel, despite my leadership position in the group?

  32. If there is a clear connection, why isn’t the Dept. of Homeland Security or the FBI involved? If you’re such an expert, why aren’t you calling same, and doing something about it? It’s not that I am liberal (it depends on the issue), it’s that I’m one to look at all sides and then look at actual facts before making an informed decision. They teach you that in school, the same place you learn how to write in English.

  33. Ned, I'm sorry, I think you're really missing the boat here. I married into a family of Muslims who, while not part of the contingent who are building the mosque, are substantially like the people who are building the block (mostly from the same country, similar aspirations. livelihood and faith). A lot of these people are entrepreneurs; many own stores. They are well-aware of “others” perception of them and would not, in a million years, put together a flyer like this. I have several relatives whose English is poor. Not a single one of them would put a flyer like this out where it would be seen and perceived by the general community. They don't go around telling people they will be blessed by Allah– they KNOW other people have their own religions, and respect that. I have met well over 100 Muslims like the ones who want to build the mosque– NOT A ONE wants to “convert Africans to the true religion”. What??? They all know that a huge number of Africans ARE Muslim. Come on.

  34. Know plenty. Know plenty and from other cities and countries as well (NYC is not the only place I lived. Midwest, London, Frankfurt). Not seeing the hate, although living on Ocean Parkway, the talk about how Arabs should die, are sub-human, are filthy, all that was regular talk on my nightly walks with neighbors.

  35. It wouldn't bother me. I've lived many places — I spent most of my life in NYC (born there) — why would that bother me? Maybe the restaurants would be more diverse!

  36. So people who make a flier can't make an online petition? I could do both, right now, in under an hour (minus printing time).

  37. I find it hard to believe that someone that investigates, who took journalism (you did, right?) is so naive. There is a certain cadence, a certain misuse of words and grammar with those who speak English as a Second Language, with particular mistakes given to those from various countries. I'm not seeing that here. I'm seeing particularly inflammatory language that no one would make unless trying to scare people, which I don't think the Mosque leaders would do. It is highly unlikely that anyone with poor English wrote it like that.

    Did you even bother reading the outright racist drivel on the website, the quotes I posted from it? One side we KNOW is that devious. One side we know hates them for their faith and admitted it on their website.

    I really expected more from you, honestly. This is more disappointing than all the backwards, racist, alarmist crap that I expect from Sheepshead residents. Usually your critical thinking is working. I think in your hopes to be objective, you;re letting reason fly out the window. I know you're not one of those backwards, tough talking dimwits I left behind.

  38. Yea, as soon as I read it I thought the same thing as Lisanne! (I had to include the exclamation mark, it makes it more exciting to say your name!), the green flier looks completely fake to me. “Prey,” “serene call to prayer,” “terrorism,” “conversions”… it’s like a laundry list of one side’s fears. All that needs to be added is “we hope to take up all the parking spots” and it will be complete. I have a hard time believing it’s real.

  39. Also, if there was a church or temple to be built in an area full of Arabs where I once lived/still have family (INCLUDING MY HUSBAND) living, damn straight I would support the building of that (if everything was legal and in place). It's actually a huge part of my faith to treat people equally, like humans. To not be a bigot. I'd be in grave moral standing if I was a bigot. It isn't an ass on my shoulder, it is my strong faith. You want to call God an ass, go right ahead.

  40. Well which is it? Racist or bigoted? Get your insults straight will ya.

    This is exactly what is wrong with any type of political discussion today. When someone can’t back up their arguement, the names start flying. “Racist” is a favorite. You know, last time I checked Sheepshead Bay was in America too ! Is free speech in this country dead, or is it just the ability to comprehend part? I used “church bells” as an example of what we “should not” do. Go back and re-read my post.

    If you really have issues with people speaking their mind perhaps your time would better be served in a muslim country as an advocate for women’s rights. Good luck.

  41. I’ve not heard of the Amish flying airplanes into buildings or blowing themselves up on buses and trains. Do you have information you’re not sharing? Don’t attempt to trivilaize the arguement by equating people’s fears to the wearing of a bonnet.

  42. Ned, it should be investigated one or another. Both from a journalistic point of view for legitimacy and for the greater good of resolving an issue of concern to the ENTIRE community. The ad “promoting” the mosque seems overly amateurish and cliched. Please don't be fooled by that. It's a very snarky means of portraying Muslims.

    I don't appreciate the views of a racist and ignorant minority getting the lions share of the coverage. There have been no links to those who are for this mosque or opposed to the singling out of a place of worship for Muslims. You only provide links to the opposition. If I want unfair and unbalanced coverage of an issue as important as this for the Bay I'll watch Fox News.

  43. They forgot to send you a memo on who they are investigating. how do you know they are not being investigated. Most of the shit you talk is without facts its just your personal opinion that most dont care about. You dont even live here you have no idea who or whats going on in that immediate area.

  44. Damn right I am racist, at times I feel like hating and at times I feel like bigot. Stop the bull shit….


  46. Ned, I've done some research and I'm fairly certain that the person who posted the PETITION is real, and meant her petition sincerely. Let me know if you want to know what I tracked down re the petition. The flyer, however, I think is still highly questionable. I checked with a friend from the Sheepshead Bay Yemeni Muslim community and she does also thinks it's off and highly suspect–completely unlike anything she or anyone she knows would write. I have seen a blog in support of the mosque which is, yes, written in not-completely-grammatical English. But it's entire tenor is COMPLETELY different, as is it's message. I'm also happy to share that link with you if you're interested.

  47. This is a document which only widens the divide between supporters and opponents of the mosque. Therefore, it must be scrutinized and considered as a possible fake. Having carefully done so, I reached the conclusion that it is not a legitimate expression by those involved with the building of this mosque.

    I might be less suspicious if there was only one or two hot points here. But this piece of writing is loaded with them. And it appears that whoever put this together spent some time putting it together so that it wouldn't read as an obvious fake. However, the end result looked too much like a validation of the fears expressed by opponents of the mosque.

    This issue is one that creates a lot of anger in some people. The creators of this flier need not be someone involved in the organized opposition to the mosque. However, the document is now on their website.

  48. There’s not one line in this flier that rings true after the first line following the headline. What is sad is that this fake is now going to be used to incite people against the mosque. Thusly the need to keep challenging its legitimacy. Those who may take this at face value need to be made skeptical, if only for the sake of balance.

  49. I lived 2 blocks away from the mosque in midwood on Ave H and East 10th St. I had to move. They don't want to take over the neighborhood?? Well all of you pro Mosque folks take a ride down Coney Island Ave. The traffric was horrendous, couldn't find a parking spot. Shopping as we knew it ceased except if you were into Pakistani food.
    I honestly felt like an American living in a foreign Country. Just remember that all of their activities are centered around the Mosque so of course they are going to want to take over the neigborhood.

  50. This is why I shouldn't comment late night/early morning. I sometimes look back and realize things didn't come out quite like I meant. I was playing devil's advocate and now I've started an uproar. Go forth, debate, and ignore my comment.

  51. What would you say about all the other religious groups and organizations that take up parking and sidewalk space along Coney Island Avenue? I would also surmise that a good amount of parking is taken up the density of auto supply, detailing and repair shops that populate that area of the Avenue. A good amount of other commercial activity also would account for the sparsity of parking spaces.
    Blaming the Muslims is a very limited point of view here. Please open your eyes and mind.

  52. Yes, Lisanne, you’re right. The African conversion line is just “out there” generally, I think!

  53. Oh dear, did they realize that they used the word “prey” (as in preditory) rather than “pray” in their flier. That won't do anything to help their cause!

  54. Doesn't conversion require a simple declaration of faith? So why “advertise” “free conversion”? No one with any in depth understanding of Islam would feel the need to put this down in writing.

  55. Many people have invested some serious money in SB real estate development and local businesses, and the last thing they need around here is a mosque. Nothing personal, just business.

  56. The flyer sounds as if it were written by a Russian. Read it with a russian inflection. “Help us to build Mosque in Sheepshead Bay”.

  57. Some of the people who've invested in local businesses and real estate (if not real estate development entirely) are the very people who want a mosque and community center here so they can pray near their homes and businesses.

  58. THe double parking pissed me off too, until I remembered that it’s done on Ocean Ave between Ave Z and Jerome in front of St. Mark’s Church every Sunday. Try and keep things in perspective here. All religious institutions get a bit of lee way from law enforcement.

  59. Anyone know the going rate for conversion for those of us who are not african? Where is Meir Kahane when u need him?

  60. Putting pigs in our backyard would only demonstrate how much more convictions Muslims have over us Jews. Because we’re not supposed to touch pigs either!! 🙂

  61. I felt I had to pitch in on this. Reminds me a of a debate we just wrapped up couple of weeks ago, on Muslim youth causing a lot of noise at PP#61, when he walked in swaddled in wire and demanding publis assistance. Damn, it like de ja vue all over again. In any case, even if the flyer above is bogus, going on the website raises some questions. It is mentioned there that the man who owns the property and coupld of other properties in Brooklyn is unemployed. The mortgage was paid in full on this property:HOW?
    This seems like a money laundering operation at best, I do not even want to talk about the worst here, as I am probably going to get chewed on right away. If that is the case, FBI and IRS might be of help in investigating source of funds and legality of financial operations. Religios organization like this would be filing for an exempt status for tax purposes, so going to IRS would not be such a bad idea. If you can not stop it with the zoning problems and such, try financial side of it. Usually works the best.

  62. Oh Rufina, come on. Maybe they saved their money for the mortgage. Maybe the community that it was bought for, came together and raised the money. Maybe you're throwing a lot of specious accusations around….

    The last time I checked, the IRS and FBI do not investigate people just because they are Muslims, unemployed, and have paid their mortgages in full.

  63. He was buying the property for the group that wishes to erect the mosque, obviously the property is not for his personal use. It was the money collected by this group that was probably used. Someone's name needed to be on the documents.

  64. People in glass houses shouldn't be suggesting calls to the FBI and such. Let's open up the floodgates now and put the question as the legitimacy of the opponents of this as well. If they're going to take the low road then they should be prepared to be shoved into a ditch along with the rest of the bigots.

  65. He died in November of 1990. This is someone who said “Democracy and Judaism are not the same thing”. Sounds like a really great role model for those who would take our essential freedoms away.

  66. I did not say they would investigate the guy because he is Muslim-you had to throw that in the mix, right? But the fact that he is unemployed as opposed to self employed and have this much property on his hands with fully paid mortgage does make me wonder. If this was Russian, that would make me wonder as well.
    This time to me it does not matter what color, race or religion this person is.
    From what I learned so far from the Baypeople site, the financial side of this looks dubiuos at best.
    You also need to think about what you said: for all the purposes it would be much better if it was the name of non profit religious organization than that of the individual, why would someone put it under their name?
    All I am saying is that it is worth checking out and verifying the validity of all this, Bay

  67. They are not the ones who is unemployed and own three properties in Brooklyn. They are not the ones who are building a mosque under organization that has a lot of debt. Baypeople have the right to their feelings and opposition, however they campaign for their cause is no one's business, but theirs. You see future Presidents smearing their opponnents with sh*t and it is normal these days. The truth will prevail eventually. If this project has no questionable funding or questionable organization behind it then all the IRS, FBI, DHS and KGB agents will not be able to stop them from building. But before you jump on those who are against it, just put yourself in their shoes-SB is already very crowded, especially in the summer time. People who do not live there, but just pass through, do not care, they litter, they vandalize, they JUST DO NOT CARE. If more people would start passing through going to and from worship, this will be a nightmare for residents.
    many of those who are against the mosque are elderly and/or with young children who worry for their safety and safety of their kids. Unfortunetely I have seen way too many youth going to a prayer and as soon as they come out of the church, temple, mosque, their servitude to God and their piety does not seem to carry over into the real world where they feel they can do all they want including bodily harm to others.

  68. Doesn’t this remind you our “debate” couple of weeks back. As much as I applaud your
    convictions, people here are right-this is not the time and not the climate for welcoming
    Islam with an open heart. It just isn’t and that is as simple as that. Someone said that almost every plot lead back to mosque. I am not going to say almost every, but quite few of them did. And imams were at the center of it. Covering with the religious slogans
    they had conviniently forgotten the word of God as it is written in the Quran, which does not require to kill anyone in the name of Allah, Quran even says that a Muslim can marry outside of their faith as long as he/she marries to a person of books (meaning having faith, not atheist).
    Religion has always been and always will be a powerful tool in the hands of unscrupulous
    few who seek to control masses through it. That is especially true for Islam, as it is the only religion in the world which permits its clerics to declare fatwa and allows to kill in the name of Allah. What other modern day religion officially issues a statement binding all who deem themselves of that faith to follow it irrevocably? None.
    That is why people are prejudiced, afraid and unhappy about the mosque in SB. In addition to all inconveniences they will have to put up with having a place of worship for gathering of dozens of people without proper parking and other amenities in the area, especially if there is a public school nearby.

  69. Since you moved away from SB, you might want to sit this one out. Tea Baggers have nothing to do with residents opposing unnecessary traffic, pollution and noise.
    This is where they live, their children go to school not too far from the proposed location, etc. You do not live there you do not experience what they do, what gives you right to judge them and how they feel about a place of worship which is
    gathers dozens 5 times a day and sometimes more during holidays?

  70. For that reason then all houses of worship should be banned from the neighborhood. Sounds like a great idea. Where do I sign the petition for that? All those rowdy jews, catholics, protestants, mormons, jehovahs witnesses, buddhists, satanists, atheists, memnonites et al need to be taken off the streets!

    I guess Muslims should only be allowed to worship in the wintertime too given your logic. They might interfere with your backyard barbecues. For shame!

  71. Where do you live if you do not mind my asking? You sure do not seem to care about SB at all. I do not live in SB, but I feel for the community that would have to put up with people pulling 5 times a day for prayer.
    Interesting how you first mentioned “rowdy jews”.
    I did not say “…. muslims”.
    who is the racist now? first group of people deserving your wrath are jews?
    i guess some rowdy jews forgot to invite you to their back yard barbecue, is that why you are angry at rowdy jews?

  72. This is the USA. They have a right to build a place to pray. A community center.

    If you don’t want your way of life altered get your like minded friends together and buy the property yourselves.

  73. Ned , Yes she is right and we, at the Project Board, did not make or have an idea who did it. Itis an outcome of making the issue bigger where its not. We are not really paying attention to anyone against us at all becasue this is our right, like anybody else in the country, in the world , and in Sheepshead Bay.
    For any information, concern, or questions, please feel free to email us at

    A Board Member of the Community Center at Sheepshead Bay.

  74. It's really interesting to see such flier.
    As one of the board members, we did not do this flier(green flier). We are building a green
    building instead, the first green building in Sheepshead Bay area.
    In fact we do not need any flier. , at this time, neither in the fuure, we have the law and regulations to defend our cause, and our right, which we believe in.
    This flier is a fake by our respected opponents, who is trying to make it up, where its too late for them, the era of racism has been expired long time ago…
    From this platform, we denounce any flier that is not officially made by the board of the project, just like this green one.
    Finally I would like to say to our opponents, the law is the law , rights are given, we living, and will live together no matter what, just save your time and money and enjoy the summer.
    Finally, the way the flier was written, and the words that have been chosen does not make any sense. In fact it calls for hate for two groups Muslims, and African Americans too. So it, as Muslims hate and racism is not our way of life and we love all nations and all people.

  75. Couple of thins to be mentioned, I was reading about t he petition that was made long ago for the Mosque. In fact, it was from a person who lives in the area but was interested to see how many people will support. He/she was successful to gather that much of supporters. it was very clear explaining the hate that people against the mosque have. On the other hand, the opponents made one which does not exceed half way, Because it was built on sands.
    The other thing is when the person who bought the place for the Community Center/Mosque donated $175 , do you know who was the nominee, for who he donated( can the group mention who was that person? ) very important to know….
    In fact participating in elections and community support is a good thing not bad, and I do not think Ahmed is collecting Unemployment check or a Benefit, neither a EMT, or welfare!!!!!

  76. By the sounds of it you could have been the author of the flyer. But since you espouse to have an inside track on this issue with your “we” assertions, maybe you could explain why the Muslim American Society chose Mr. Allowey Achmed to be the front for their ambitions.

  77. “Author of the flyer” Interesting enough… to think that way..
    By the way correct your spelling???!!!! Just look like the flier….. names, and words. Thanks
    MAS is a known community servant organization, and I advice everyone to visit their facilities and then talk about it. (Reading news paper is not enough to know about a person or an origination)

    Thanks any way for your understanding. And again, WE did not make fliers ( NO NEED) , we comply with laws and regulations.
    Thanes anyway

  78. So “you” are not “we” after all and you really have no idea what the origin of the flyer is, do you? A board member should be able to answer the question without hesitation. If you can't tell us why Allowey was chosen to be the front for the MAS, why are you masquerading as their spokesman? Why did you try to inflate your position?

  79. look, it looks like you just jumb to the middle of something. You should read and know the story from the beginning. Allwey is from the area bought to place a, and MAs is from the area as well. So do your homework and read what Alwwey said about your question
    a hint >>>> the answer is in Daily News, New York Post, and Bay News,
    By the way Currect Bay news has the story too..

  80. Well, I am one of the board and I proud to be, as an Arab American, who wants to improve the community in the right way withthe right teaching of Islam. again “WE” have no idea about the flier, and who made it is using our name , and we are in the process of getting his/him/their information soon which will be handled legally.

  81. Given the propensity of the media getting the story wrong on occasion, I'd like to hear it from you, a supposed board member. I'd like to hear about the company in Chicago that put the deal together. I'd like to hear about the no interest loan, I'd like to hear how Allowey and the MAS conspired to become partners. Are these questions too tough for a “board member”? Maybe we shouldn't have faith in the board making the right decisions to seamlessly assimilate into the community.

  82. “Improve the community in the right way with the right teaching of Islam” ?

    How so? Are you advocating some form of sharia law in Sheepshead Bay?

    Also, you are now saying you have no idea about the flyer but earlier you said it was from someone in the neighborhood. Which is it?

  83. LOL, this is not the place to answer these questions, for “a Guest”. I would like to say, we are open book for any government agency, we are fully cooperative and have any answers to the right people, nothing to hide. It’s really interesting how to question a place that has not being built, it full of flowers and some roses, I guess not place as you think my dear. “ To anticipate problems in a place that has no foundation built yet, IT IS OVER THE TOP” Hon. Fiddler stated before ….
    And If you are interested to have a loan that way, again do your homework and enjoy the system.

    Have a good night””

  84. you are right this person looks like the one who actually wrote the flyer
    just look at his/hers spelling and grammar errors
    is this one of the Board members of this project?
    hope not

  85. Then what are his sources of income?
    Money laundering? Drugs? Illegal gambling? Human trafficking?
    All of the above? Why is some shady person with no ties to the community in SB wants to built tax exempt non profit organization there which is going to benefit only few people in SB? How is this place going to enrich the rest of the residents there?

  86. I am angry about your Battle Over Brooklyn Mosque Plan Article (April 23, 2010). I dislike the way the jewish lady in the pink shirt a neighbor of this place had said that muslims are terrorists. It is unfair that the action one group of people the (Alquidas) are used against all muslims. Its not like we make fun of Nazis or Jews or any other religion. I though no one was perfect. Is this really a free country? I can't believe how much hatred this woman had shown against us Muslims. Everyday we try to fit in, but we aren't accepted as who we are, no we're just one of those terrorists. This is so unfair. And I'm sure that what that woman had said about Muslims was pretty much illegal. I am so disappointed that my now ex-favorite show would ever think of putting up such an article. Which makes me wonder is Pix against Muslims?

  87. Just like the Green Flier could have been planted by the opposition to the Mosque, one can claim that the “pink lady” on channel 11 was planted by the Mosque supporters. Ha-ha

  88. It is not your Business to know a person's income, what you have mentioned are stuff being done not in NY in NJ I guess,,, loool

    Well the place will do the following
    1- Increase the Property values,
    2- Help people who comes from Russia, Middle east, and other countries in there English
    3- Improve the esthetic of the neighborhood, in terms of design.
    4- It will use the new, green, methods, so no energy will be consumed… GO GREEN
    5- be there for any common issue.
    6- increase manners, behavior, and attitude of kids , ours and any one interested to come.
    7- Help students in their Homework.
    and more.

    That is a general benefits' for the whole community

  89. perfect, It set it up ,, the right way,,, Always hatred, racism is there , very clear..

  90. Angry, I am angry too man at your community in Bay Ridge….I have my Israeli Flag inside my car salon mirror. I have received some verbal abuse and nasty looks. Go figure

  91. Nazi was not a religion and no one is making fun of Islam.
    Islam to many represents a threat, as clerics around the world are quick to issue fatwa and support carrying out of terrorist acts against infidels.
    you will not find this magnitude of support amongst clergymen of any other religion in the world. Extremists covered by the shield of Islam commit crimes not only against infidels, but against their own followers, allowing them to commit suicides with the premise of the eternal life next to Allah and Muhammad with bunch of virgins they will be allowed to deflower without having to marry each one of them. I do not hear of Catholics blowing themselves up to show the world strength of their faith, nor Jews or any other religious group. In fact it is a sin for both Catholics and Jews to commit suicide and for that they are punished with eternal damnation. That being said, in every faith, there are people who break their promise to God to serve others, and they inflict pain and suffering unimaginable such as in case of Catholic priests for example. Still nothing compares with killing people to prove the faith. Nothing compares with Arab militia raping women and young girls as it happens in Darfur with the permission and facilitation of the Islamic controlled government.
    The congregation might be peaceful here, but Islam, or people who are chosen to represent it, are anything but.
    and that is how the fear is born

  92. What are you people idiots. Those dirty filthy people hate us. We even taught them how to fly a plane, just to kill us. Tell them to go back to where they came from, build what ever they want and live happily ever after in there stinking country. Why do they stink so bad. You should be ashamed to call your selves Americans. We are done, you people make me sick. What do we have left for us hard working Americans. Hey come to America, get knocked up, your child is now legal we will give you an apartment health insurance money for food, keep popping them out and we will reward you even more.While the hard working American has to sit back and watch this, great message.

  93. No sh*t Sherlock.
    Perhaps first you need to improve your English to be able to help people who comes from Russia, Middle east, etc with there English
    There are two mistakes in one sentence and I just skimmed the post.
    I doubt that SB residents need tutoring for their children-most of the are is pretty well established, people who have been there for generations and if they
    need tutors, they would hire someone with expertise and pay money as they know that where money is involved they can demand the best service and product available.

    If it is not my business to know how this place is going to be financing its operations then whose is it? Perhaps once and if they start building, I should call FBI and Homeland security and IRS and get them to pay a visit? Or better yet, call 311 every week and report unsafe conditions at the construction site and have it shut down for few days at a time? Perhaps financial losses will stop you building something that residents are clearly against of. Build your green house, live in it, entertain there, have parties, but mosque and the community center in that small space? Health hazard, fire hazard, traffic hazard, hazard to children who go to school a block away, is this a benefit to community?
    How would you like if I came and set up my business practically in your backyard? People constantly coming and going, cars honking, etc. I bet you would not like that.
    I do not live in SB, but I feel for these people, it would be a disaster to have a place of worship there, one way traffic street and lot is not that great to build a mosque and a community center.

  94. I am a member of the Muslim American society, and we deny printing, sponsoring, or distributing this flier.
    This flier was made fraudulently and distributed falsely using our name with the sole motive of spreading confusion, hate and mayhem in our neighborhood which has always been living in peace and harmony.
    We are shocked, dismayed, and upset, that there are people in our neighborhood who would stoop so low, and go to the extreme, to practice hate and racism in order to prevent their neighbors from practicing their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion.

    This organized practice of hate and racism which is making a mockery of our laws against hate and racism, must be condemned by all and must also be stopped, investigated, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  95. I am a member of the Muslim American society, and we deny printing, sponsoring, or distributing this flier.
    This flier was made fraudulently and distributed falsely using our name with the sole motive of spreading confusion, hate and mayhem in our neighborhood which has always been living in peace and harmony.
    We are shocked, dismayed, and upset, that there are people in our neighborhood who would stoop so low, and go to the extreme, to practice hate and racism in order to prevent their neighbors from practicing their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion.

    This organized practice of hate and racism which is making a mockery of our laws against hate and racism, must be condemned by all and must also be stopped, investigated, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  96. Unless, of course, the flier was printed and distributed by someone honestly thinking that he/she was making a legit point supporting the Mosque. Look at some of the comments posted on this thread by people supporting the Mosque. Can't you see one of them behind the flier? Can you be 100% sure? Is Allowey Ahmed your father? Why wouldn't he just build a house for his family and be our neighbor?

  97. “open-minded in SB”, (oh, I will resist the urge to make a joke about that particular choice of a name, but it's hard)-

    NO ONE WHO SUPPORTS THE MOSQUE THINKS LIKE THIS. And both the man who bought the property and several others in support of the project have made it very clear both here and on WPIX that someone is speaking in their name, and, they believe, with ill intent.

    -The people building the mosque have been VERY clear that it is going to be built for the community ALREADY here in Sheepshead Bay.

    The flyer states something like “…and hundreds more will move here soon.” The mosque is NOT being built to attract new people to the neighborhood; it is being built FOR a PRE-EXISTING COMMUNITY.

    (Go stand outside PS 52 any day at dismissal time and you will see that there is, indeed, ALREADY a nice Muslim minority in Sheepshead Bay.)

    -The flyer states “you all will love serene call to prayer”

    The people building the mosque made it clear that they wouldn't be doing a loud call to prayer at any times that might disturb people. They said it at the community board meeting. They're said it repeatedly. They have made it clear that they will be complying with all local noise ordinances.

    Biggest of all,
    -NO ONE supporting the mosque supports terrorism. AT ALL, EVER.

    The flyer states, (we) “mostly do not support terrorism”. NO ONE ASSOCIATED WITH THE PROPOSED MOSQUE SUPPORTS TERRORISM, IN ANY WAY. And yes, I am shouting, because this particular line in the flyer is a really vile attempt to portray the builders of the mosque in a way that inflames people and starts unfounded fear and anger building.

    There ARE “bad” Muslims out in the world, just like there are “bad” Jews and “bad” Christians and “bad” Atheists. The people building the mosque are NOT bad people, they are peace-loving people who want to worship and raise their children to be good people AND contributing members of American society.

    The attempt to build the mosque is about as American as anything I've ever seen.

    The attempt to use half-truths and false advertising against the mosque, in the flyer, dirties the whole notion of the use of “free speech”. It's lying, slander, and hate-speech all rolled into one.

  98. Enjoy the sun, mam….
    have a great wonderul summer.
    Today is Satarday and yesterday is Friday. do nto forget we all going to work Monday…
    Calm down and enjoy the life …
    that was not you, it was the great “Guest” and we all honor guests… just likenighbors in our relationships.
    Wish to be better, and get to know others, the way others are looking at us.

    why you are mad,
    The guy did not say anything wrong. simply he asnwered the questions…
    OMG, I dont get it,
    people who is reading dont like this attituds , just respect and be a nice person,
    all threats are good to you , why you are making it difficult for us to deal with muslims. As I mentioned, Friday, Sataurday,and then Sunday,, Monday is India,,, lol
    But we have work to do on Mondays, please lets move on and keep the wheel rolling..


  99. That is it. here is another one, The Flier was fabricated by the oppenents,

    and thanks for Chennel 11 for spreading the word.

    Thanks MAS for your explaination and support.

  100. The flier was clever, and if its author was just a wee bit more intelligent he might have pulled it off. But it served its purpose well. The opponents of the mosque have gotten much needed publicity, and like-minded bigots will start to fill their coffers with cash. And the principle of free religious expression in this country is effectively suppressed.

  101. Add to it the other discrimination about the African Americans…. That is a Plus and the IP address in the way of be

    My congs, to the flier maker. he must have a ticket to Brazil, law is behind him soon,lol

  102. That mosque on Coney Island ave that you mention with “police protection” has an understanding with their local precinct for friday prayers. Just like every friday night and saturday there are police officers outside most synagogues or sundays, police officers outside most churches. There is nothing wrong with the mosque on coney island asking for it too.

  103. Police protection is one thing for the instiution, but for the double and triple parking is quite another thing. They should be given tickets and/or have their cars towed for impeding the flow of traffic, weather it be a mosque or church!

  104. Ned, so called Russian Market….well owner is only Russian speaking like majority of Soviet Jewry, but I beleive he is from kavkazskie region

  105. Every one needs to watch this documentary “Protocols of Zion” if you have netflix you can stream it to your computer or tv.

  106. Any place of worship is great for the neighborhood. It's a placeof G_d. Anybody who is afraid of the Muslim population rising in Sheepshead bay, Parking, Traffic & noise, are the stupid excuses that are being presented. I don't know the moron who wrote this pamphlet, however this is Sheepshead bay Brooklyn NY.. Noise is everywhere. Traffic & parking is already hard to find. If they are so unhappy with all possible side effects of this mosque. Let them move to some hick town where everybody thinks at a 3rd grade level.
    However there is evidence that the organization paying for the construction of the Mosque has been linked and has done business with Al Quida in the past. That is my only concern. It's home grown terrorism.

  107. There is a Synagogue on Avenue S and East 22nd where people are inconsiderate assholes. When I used to walk to school, I passed by it quite often. Everytime I passed by people were double parking, parking in front of the hydrant, there was even an occasion where I almost got hit by a woman who didn't bother stopping at a stop sign so she could grab parking quickly to pray. In my opinion, there should not be any Church's, Mosque's or fucking Synagogue's within residential neighborhoods. I don't even know why zoning laws allow them to be placed in residential areas. They are no different than businesses and should be kept with businesses. God is a cash-cow.

  108. I am a Proffesor at a very respected ivy league school, and I have analyzed this ad, and compared it to many statements this “society” has released and the wording and the precision of language is precisely the same.
    Building a mosque in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, while you have Anti-Semitic views? You would be better off explaining that.

  109. I am a Proffesor at a very respected ivy league school, and I have analyzed this ad, and compared it to many statements this “society” has released and the wording and the precision of language is precisely the same.
    Building a mosque in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, while you have Anti-Semitic views? You would be better off explaining that.


  111. “Some people think that suicide bombing and other forms of violence against civilian targets are justified in order to defend Islam from its enemies. Other people believe that, no matter what the reason, this kind of violence is never justified.

    “Do you personally feel that this kind of violence is often justified to defend Islam, sometimes justified, rarely justified or never justified?”

    The survey found 26 percent of younger Muslims believed suicide bombings are often, sometimes or rarely justified, compared with 69 percent who believed such attacks can never be accepted.

    I wonder how many non-Muslims would answer a similar question the same way?

  112. Speakinq about the future mosque which will be built in sheepshead bay, i feel like there is so much segregation and hate. This feeelinq about a moquse beinq built is not only in brooklyn but actually is all over the borough of America. Anyways speakinq about the mosque in Sheepshead bay, Us Muslims need a place of worship just like any other religion or fauith has. Why is it that everybody makes a biq deal when muslims want a place of worship? yes, there are so many muslim people living in the commnuity in sheepshead bay. We muslims do deserve a place of worship for our brothers and sisters. We need love, respect and peace in the nation. We are all equal! Muslims should and need the same riqhts just like every other reliqion and faith has! We must qive each other repesct and peace in this world!!!!! May God Support and Help us all in the nation!

  113. How about instead of freedom of religion we practice freedom from religion? I am sick and tired of grown people debate, fight and kill for religions. Its the same debate as we don’t want people practicing schitzo in our neighborhood because some of them kill people. Unlike our own communities of OCD sufferers and bipolars, who are hardly ever a danger to anyone, only in most fundamentalist cases. (No offence to the mentaly disabled, they have no choise in the matter of being sick, unlike religious people)

    Religions are a complete 100% lunacy. You have a right to be a lunatic in your own home, but I don’t want a public debate who’s lunacy is less dangrerous.

    I want the freedom to lock up everyone who practices any relligion publicaly in a mental institution, where the belong.

    You should not be allowed to practice any religion until the age of 21 when you are old enough to make your own choices in life. Preaching to a minor should be punishable by jail.

    Tax every religious organization at the same level as any other corporation and disallow tax deductions for religious donations. I don’t want to sponsor lunacy through public subsidies in the form of tax exemption. If the church/mosque/sinagougue/etc. is not paying any taxes they do not deserve any of the benefits of the society. They are not entitled to police protection, fire department, clean streets, public utilities and transportation.

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