Western Brooklyn

In Focus: Home For Delinquent Girls

Source: Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection/ Google Maps

Had this Home for Delinquent Girls been around when I was growing up, there is no doubt that my mother would have sent me there. I shudder to think what kinds of lives some of these young ladies led.

This photo, taken May 26, 1929,¬†showcases 8220 12th Avenue in Dyker Heights. The home still stands, however, it’s now a bright and beautiful residence.

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  1. It appears they lengthened the walk as the house today looks more set back from the street. It also appears to be higher up now. Wonder why.

  2. Street levels can be changed. Check the fire hydrandts, they will probably never be changed, but they indicate where the street level has been zoned, so to speak, by the city. If you look at a hydrandt and see a gap between the sidewalk and the base of the hydrandt, that means the city can repave the street to come to a level even with the hydrandt base.