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In 30 Years, Russians Will No Longer Be Brighton Beach’s Majority

Mosque construction in February. Photo by nolastname.

Voices of NY article reveals a major change in local demographics within the next 30 years.

It states:

According to the Faiths and Freedom Project for Religious Diversity of CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College, ‘Within 20 to 30 years the Russian Jewish – or WWII generation – will have lost its dominant status as a majority in Brighton Beach.’

The article goes on to highlight the demographic change from the Russian-Jewish population to a Pakistani-Muslim majority.

The influx that started in the 90’s is poised to grow. A 2000 U.S. Census counted 960 Pakistanis in the neighborhood. Ten years later, the population increased to 1,901, which is a 98 percent increase.

“When I came here 23 years [ago], there were very few Pakistani people and no mosques,” said Abdul R. Bhatti, in the article. “Now there are three mosques – a Pakistani one, a Lebanese and a Turkic.”

Local leaders state that they are working hard to build bridges between the two communities.

“We have worked hard to develop stronger relations with the other communities of Brighton Beach,” said Susan Fox, executive director of the Shorefront YM-YWHA.

Fox said the Shorefront YM-YWHA had a lot of connection to the Russian-speaking community and knew how to reach out to the Latino population, but had little experience with the Pakistani community, which is concentrated around Neptune Avenue. Thus one of the organization’s main priorities is to establish relations with the Muslim population and help as many people as possible.

“We have no problems with the other people here,” said Rasid Tauquir, a Pakistani resident. “We all live here – together.”

Now would someone tell these people?

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  1. Thanks for the bottom line.

    “these” people in the corner house should just STFU and move. Their cause is not worth the toll the self inflicted aggravation will take on their lives.

    Now if they would have looked to sell in the beginning of their tyranny their house would have sold for quite a bit more than right now.
    That’s Mother Nature.

  2. Population shifts are not only happening on Brighton but in NYC and the USA as a whole. As far as Brighton Beach, Russians will be a minority in more like 5 years rather than 30 since Arab and Latin of families tend to have many children. The only way that doesn’t happen is if Orthodox Jews take over the area which is already happening in Manhattan Beach and parts of Sheepshead Bay.

  3. And how were your people able to settle here? I assume you’re not native American.

    This country didn’t have a specified immigration policy at all during the first hundred years of its history. All were welcome.

  4. Brighton is getting built up and thus more expensive, so for the groups
    mentioned to grow, they need to grow both in size and financially.
    There are reasons why Battery Park City, Upper East Side, is
    predominately white/asian, its too expensive not many low income housing

  5. I grew up in Brighton Beach. It used to be a very nice neighborhood. Lucky I left it before the Russians came in and ruined it. Then they started branching out to all the nice areas in Brooklyn, ruining them as well. Most are rude and obnoxious, while the older RUSSIANS ARE Living off OUR TAX $$$$$$$$$$$. You can never trust them either, as they will pretend to befriend you and first chance they get, they will “stab you in the back”. They will cheat and connive to get everything for free. They think it is coming to them. Don’t know why govt. supports them, when there are numerous older Russians who have children that should be supporting them and taking care of them, NOT US!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is an old and tired response. At some point in history there were no people on this continent at all, so we can say that everyone is an immigrant even the Native Americans. Iceland was also empty before the Vikings got there, so they were immigrants, but you don’t see Iceland letting in boats of unwashed masses.

    Now I will be the first one to admit that my own grandparents have benefited greatly from American policies. They came here at an age where they couldn’t work and basically lived their whole life in America government assistance.

    However, as a whole, despite the whole communist thing which no one believed anyway, Eastern European culture is very similar to American culture in terms of beliefs, historical perspective, rights of people, and outlook on life in general. The people that are moving to the U.S now have an outlook on life vastly different from the American tradition. Many openly disagree with American value and what’s worse wish for the downfall for the very country that saved them from whatever shithole they came from. This is why blanket statements like “Everyone here is an immigrant” don’t hold much water.

  7. too bad! now its time to change the policy. We have a bunch of useless immigrants coming in who barely contribute. Look at the immigration policies of countries like Canada, Australia or NZ. They like immigrants but not the ones who will much off the public welfare teet. Like I said, Fucking liberals.

  8. Blanket statements like “The people that are moving to the U.S now have an outlook on life vastly different from the American tradition. Many openly disagree with American value and what’s worse wish for the downfall for the very country that saved them from whatever shithole they came from” really don’t hold much water. Remember Timothy McVeigh?

  9. You know what he’s not a racist prick I’m Russian and totally agree with him , the Russian population in Brooklyn is completely disgusting , I can’t stand them , and the nova ruskiye that live In oceana are on the lowest part of the scumbag pyramid , so happy that I live In an American community , Russians are impossible to be around , they’re so ignorant , racist and judgemental

  10. Russian Jews love Reagan because he let them into the U.S. However he did it not because he loved immigrants or Russian Jews but because he wanted to drain the scientists and intellectuals from the Soviet Union in order to weaken it. Which worked pretty well.

  11. You saying that Obama is trying to drain the intellectual base from Mexico? In that case they are wasting their talents picking fruits and working as dishwashers.

  12. Great post. Obviously MALISH IS AN IDIOT WRAPPED UP IN A MORON with a TOILET MOUTH. Probably gets all the freebies, that we the TAXPAYER PAY FOR.

  13. As a fan of middle east cuisine and conservative old men’s style barbershops, I – as a secular ethnic-only-identified Jew of ye olde Yiddish extraction – will find this upcoming change to be more of a return to the Brighton I knew and knew of before the Berlin Wall fell.

  14. Shifting already?
    Reminder: the topic of this discussion is “demographic change from the Russian-Jewish population to a Pakistani-Muslim majority.”

  15. They should love the late former senator scoop Jackson even more, because it was his bill that opened, you should excuse the expression flood waters, for all of our Russian and ukranian Jews, and the rest of all these eastern Slavs, who have now followed them, to the true working man’s paradise! Das vadanya, everybody!

  16. Really? I don’t see any comments here regarding Pakistanis or Muslims. Are you reading the same discussion the rest of us are.

  17. I don’t know what you are trying to say. If you want to make statement than make it instead of posting links and some random names.

  18. All those named are also Americans that are not recent immigrants. Hardly better people than the ones “moving to the U.S now”.

  19. I wonder how this research was done, if looking at birthrates alone, then yes the demographics will change. Did this study also take into consideration the retention of the said population in the neighborhood – such as how many grown up children of the Russian-Jews stay in the neighborhood or how many Children of Pakistanis, Latinos stay in the neighborhood? Also, can they afford to live there? There are so many questions that arise. Yes the demographics are changing if judged by birth rate- but can it be sustained?

  20. “The influx that started in the 90′s is poised to grow. A 2000 U.S.
    Census counted 960 Pakistanis in the neighborhood. Ten years later, the
    population increased to 1,901, which is a 98 percent increase.”

    Funny BS statistics, because if you look at the absolute numbers that is such a small amount of people relative to the entire population of the neighborhood. It’s easy to confuse people with percentages. A 98% increase over 10 years!! Wow!! Like you could even go from 20 to 100 and call it a 500% increase.

    Actually, the population that has really grown significantly in Brighton over the last 10 years is other groups from the former Soviet Union. Now the place is a big mix of Eastern Europe.

  21. i find it a bit funny that all those countries you mentioned, are pretty liberal… you know public healthcare …

  22. Okay so your assertion then is that those people represent true American values and that the majority of Americans are racist terrorists. I could not disagree with you more.

  23. Probably another Russian that hates Americans. Or just another IDIOT WRAPPED UP IN A MORON SINCE LEVP Doesn’t know what TOILET MOUTH means.

  24. Well, that’s the point! Just like your assertion is that “The people that are moving to the U.S now have an outlook on life vastly different from the American tradition. Many openly disagree with American value and what’s worse wish for the downfall for the very country that saved them from whatever shithole they came from”. Similarly, I could not disagree with you more.

  25. You just mentioned three Commonwealth countries. By Commonwealth law they have to accept immigrants from other Commonwealth countries over those from non-Commonwealth countries. The root of that law lies in an agreement made 100 years ago.

  26. Mexico is becoming a growth economy, the time will come when it will no longer be necessary for them to cross borders to find work. When that happens, what will become of the agricultural businesses in the western states?

  27. I predict that within 30 years we will see a vast influx of people from France and Lichtenstein. In fact, the entire population of Lichtenstein will move to Brighton Beach.

  28. Related – from “Team America: World Police” soundtrack:

    Sadly, you’d be surprised how many people are not in on this joke.

  29. Those businesses will do what they should have done years ago – develop mechanical methods to harvest lettuce, citrus crops, etc. Cheap labor hindered the development of these machines.

  30. Seems that levp needs a life, since this person has nothing better to do then to harass posters here. LOLOL you are a PUTZ!!!!!!!!

  31. Internet Axiom #2: Number of exclamation points is in reverse proportion to the validity of the statement.
    Have you graduated from a middle school?

  32. “Russians are impossible to be around , they’re so ignorant , racist and judgemental” – russians of your kind, perhaps.

  33. That’s a development that will be far down the road. For reasons I cannot understand harvesting machines cannot be specialized for certain crops. It has been tried in California.

  34. And where the f do you come from? If you call wanting truth and proof harassment then to bad. Putz your self.

  35. There are 2 kinds of Baruskies here. The workers and the low life….Here in our area we have too many low lifers. And yes, from my experience in the work place and home most are prejudice. “Some” truly hate blacks though I can’t figure out why. So STFU Stan .

  36. 20 years ago I heard how there were support groups for Russians to learn how to apply and lie for benefits. It was true then and still stands.
    I have Russian neighbors who work hard for every penny and even they HATE what other Russians are doing.

  37. Gotta toss a Jew into the picture? Do you realize that an Orthodox Jew would not even consider you a (Russian Jew) Jew? Put that in your pipe….or wait is the wife home and you can’t let her see what you do when you are a stay at home Dad and should be giving your attention to your charge? Nice.

  38. “There are 2 kinds of Baruskies here. The workers and the low life” – you do realize that you can divide any group of people into those groups, right? As for the rest of your post – your work and your home… Very telling! I find none of the above in *my* home or at my place of work. As for “STFU” – classy, but then again, you already told us what your home/work is like, so I guess you are a product of your environment.

  39. Yes, and there are hard working blacks who hate black criminals, hard working latinos who hate latino criminals, etc. Each group of people has a subset that’s criminal. What makes russians different?

  40. And, yes I do realize that. The talk was about Russians, not the Italian/Irish mafia. . Spit it out Stan. Don’t talk circles. I am not ashamed of my work or life. I am damned proud of what I am. Don’t care if you like it or not. My environment is no different than what most average Americans deal with. Still being classy…shove it. And what are you a product of? If it were your environment you would be swimming with the fish.

  41. A co-worker was disowning her daughter for having a black boyfriend. There is a higher degree of separation amongst “some” Russians than any other part of Brooklyn. It is a Southern Brooklyn problem. PS…your own key word “criminals”.

  42. I see that increase in Paki population, and Neptune Ave is slowly turning into a third world shithole similar to what I’ve seen in the Middle East, complete with mosques and obnoxious smells of curry. Doesn’t bother me much though, as I plan to move the hell out. To all that will stay: enjoy! 🙂

  43. I can’t stand those rude and OBNOXIOUS RUSSIANS!! You speak the truth and the TRUTH HURTS!!!

  44. Where you been? Neptune Ave from Ocean Parkway to Coney Island Avenue has never been any better than the “shithole” you describe. It has not change much in the past 50 years. It is kind quaint.

    I, like you, plan to move out of this area. Just an hour drive away seems like a completely different world. Clean, friendly, more safe and greener. There are responsibilities keeping me here right now that are beyond my control.

    Hell, I can be poor anywhere. LOL

  45. Disowning a child for dating a person from another race? Gasp! Never heard of that before! Certainly a situation unique to russians. Italians, Dominicans, etc., never had had or never would do something like that. I guess you got me beat in this argument! Higher degree of separation? I trust you have the stats to back that up?

  46. I am not talking in circles. I have been very clear here. Everything you are trying to attribute to russians as a group can be attributed to any other group as well. Let me know what’s not clear.

    As for the number of likes you got, what do you think that means? Are facts and validity of logic determined by a popularity contest?

    And I have no idea what your work is like, but the environment you’ve described if very different from mine… Make of that what you will.

  47. I did not say the # of like I got, I mentioned 2 posters….not me.
    What part of “SOME” do YOU not understand??? I did not say as a whole so do not put words in my mouth. And you mentioned black criminals who was talking criminals?
    And ya’ know what you are my environment, what does that say?
    Too early for you to think or read and comprehend?
    Go have a real strong cup of coffee and come back and BS again.

  48. Not in my family Stan. I was raised to open my doors and heart to everyone….But I will not open my arms to nasty ingrates who ever they are.
    I don’t do stats just observe what goes around. Maybe you should get out more.
    And again do you see the word “SOME” in ” ” ? It is not sum for you to sum up your own conclusions.

  49. Hi Marina, just wondering why you are not being attacked for such a blanket statement.
    The word “some” helps “sometime” but “some” people do not understand that.

  50. Step into a Russian bar or tea room and see all the welcome outsiders. Go into Russian owned business and see who they mostly employ. Do you walk with your eyes closed or wearing blinders?

  51. I have to say that I marvel at Neptune Avenue from Ocean Parkway past Coney Island Avenue. You have Hispanic, Muslim, Russians, still some older Jews there, even a decent amount of Asian. Never a single ethnic incident, and I walk there a lot, lot, lot for personal reasons. Been walking it steady for 30 years, never seen a trace of any kind of incident or bad feeling, even when the neighborhood looked a lot worse. People just do their own thing and nobody treads on anybody else I guess.

  52. I don’t know how long you lived in the neighborhood, but I’ve been here since 1/29/1966. And I KNOW that, all-in-all, the Russians didn’t ruin the neighborhood. On the contrary they SAVED it.

    Brighton in the 1970’s turned crime-ridden. Why? I don’t know. But I did know that we walked there at night and we regarded it exactly the same safety level as walking Coney Island at night. We did both, and we regarded both as highly unsafe. However, I was in my teens and 20’s, you know, you never think anything will happen to you. Lucky, nothing ever did happen to me. Well, yes, one incident of a gang chasing us with chains on Brighton…. But Brighton was AWFUL. I refused in 1983 to take a girlfriend up on the boardwalk on a summer Saturday night due to safety concerns, and I was no chicken (as evidenced by my aforementioned night wanderings).

    The Russians came in and utterly cleaned up the neighborhood. Now, I’m not going to pass judgment on organized crime going behind the scene. And I KNOW there’s too many Russians stealing off the system, I don’t care what my liberal friends here say, you just have to shop there to see.

    But if you’re PURELY talking about the safety of the neighborhood and the quality of stores, sorry, guy, no contest. I prefer this Brighton to the one of the 70’s. It’s a quality neighborhood now. Crime and drugs are way down, I’m sure, without looking at the stats.

  53. most of the russian criminals are now living in south florida,sunny isles beach,bal harbor,and fisher island with most of the dirtbags living in hallandale beach florida,please send more fbi agents here….

  54. It’s possible the opinion has softened since 1985 when I covered Williamsburg. A Russian Jew was as close to Goyim as I am.
    Maybe If I said not as good a Jew it would not have been so offensive. Sorry.

  55. Hey Ned, you forgot this comment during one of your political correctness scrubbings. I only post here since the thread where we were talking mysteriously got closed for comments……

  56. Just to make sure: it’s OK to be bigoted toward other people, but nobody is entitled to be bigoted toward you, right?

  57. No, Mr. Reading Comprehension. Everyone is entitled to their opinion bigoted or not. And if someone has a negative opinion about me they are more than free to express it.

  58. They are entitled to the opinion, but not to have that opinion published by a third party.
    This is not a public space – it is a private property. Therefore, it is the owner’s (Ned’s) exclusive right to publish, delete, ban, etc. any lawful material.
    Of course, exceptions are made for unlawful material, such as copyright violations.

    You must be a red commie that supports the Fairness Doctrine:

  59. Oh, I get it. So russian owned businesses are not in business to make money and would turn away paying customers. Is that the insinuation? As for who they employ… Ok! Who does Chinese restaurants employ? Mexican restaurants?

  60. Like I said – it could be your environment – which speaks of you since you choose to be in it. Your “open doors and heart” are on display right here, btw.

  61. “who was talking criminals? ” – lying for benefits is a crime, no?
    “And ya’ know what you are my environment,” – nope. My environment is an antithesis of yours. I mingle with hardworking and honest russian speaking immigrants.

  62. So why the hell are you talking to me?
    The lying for benefits came in a few posts after you mentioned something like Italians hate Italian criminals.
    And like I said I know many hard working Russians who HATE what the scum are doing. Oh, scum is a new word.
    Now go have some Ginko so your memory sharpens. I see coffe in the A.M. does not help.

  63. Yeah Stan they are in to make money. And no, they wont turn away paying customers. What you should have gotten from my statement is who is welcome in these places of business.

  64. Yes Stan I did accept responsibility and stay where I am.
    I will not go on a raqnt of what I have or have not done to shut you up.
    And yes Stan my open door is closed to you.
    It is always open to people in need.
    Now please take a pill and go to sleep.

  65. STAN, I am now resorting to my original statement of “STFU”. I am putting you in a jar with the rest of the trolls. Please contact your family about med adjusatments.

  66. the Demographics ALWAYS change and there are ALWAYS people who rant and rave about it and the funny thing is the rant NEVER changes…. the old demographic always thinks the next one is nothing but lazy criminals gaming the system and ruinin the neighborhood lol in 20 years the pakistani’s will be saying it about the NEW ethnic group to move in to the bay and brighton. the more things change the more they stay the same.

  67. which wave of Russians? the first one, at the turn of the last century? the Glastnost wave or the current one…. please be specific because Russians have been in Brighton for over 100 years

  68. Neptune Ave. looks better now than it has looked at anytime in my life (I’m 38). It was a dump when I was a kid. Now there are luxury condos, tons of new retail, and virutally no vacancies.

    And the street isn’t really Pakistani. It’s a mix of people from all over. Lots of Mexicans, Russians, Turks, Orthodox Jews, and regular old-time New Yorkers.

    Re. the article, I doubt Brighton Beach will become much less Russian. You can’t just take a 5-year trend and extrapolate out forever. Brighton Beach is becoming much more upscale, with luxury new construction, and I don’t think poorer immigrants are buying 700k apartments. I think it’s more established immigrants with good incomes, and in this area, it means mostly former Soviet (though others too).

  69. You commenting history gives you up as the troll that you are:

    “it’s not so much that the jews hate america as it is that the jews want to preside over a non-christian america that fights israel’s battles and allows itself to be raped and picked clean by the israelites.”

    I only wonder how did you stumble upon this blog, fine citizen?

  70. i have always found that the people who speak the loudest about RUDE people are usually very rude people too 🙂

  71. sometimes the feeling of being unwelcome is not coming from the establishment but from the person who is complaining about feeling unwelcome.

  72. I don’t care who you employ… just SPEAK ENGLISH!! I’m tired of trying to do business with folks who don’t speak English.

  73. I’ll be as obnoxious as i want……. i pay taxes just like anyone…. Here’s a Blank statement to your massive hate towards people who are more successful then you….. Should have listened to your parents when they said go to school and get yourself a good career…. Wouldn’t be complaining now if you’d be successful….

  74. In 30 Years……… hell i’m gonna be old enough to bitch at little kids for ruining my damn lawn…..pesky lil buggers!

  75. Seriously guys who gives a damn what it was before Russians came.. I’m happy they did tho cause the girls they make are effin HOT! i mean i had 3 Russian GF’s they are awesome hopefully will have more..and its sad they are slowly leaving .. i guess ill have to move to Russia in future 😀

  76. Wow, so much hatred against the Russians here. I am Irish-American, and I moved to Manhattan Beach 7 years ago. I like my Russian neighbors. They work hard, don’t bother anyone, and keep their homes and streets looking beautiful. They are also excellent parents. Why would I dislike them? Plus, my Russian neighbors kept my spirits up after Sandy (and 19 days with no power) by telling me about how blackouts and no utilities was the norm after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They joked about it “feeling like home” and gave me one of my few reasons to laugh in those days. I would rather find reasons to like people than dislike them — I find it makes life easier. Also, the Russians DID save Brighton Beach and were instrumental in the rebirth of Coney Island. My cousin married a Russian woman, and I am trying to learn to speak the language conversationally this year. Wish me luck!

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