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Illicit Romantic Affair, Or Over Sensationalized Reporting?

Leon M. Goldstein High School. Source:

If you are a reader of the New York Daily News, you might have noticed a peculiar trend emerging in their regular coverage: an unending fascination with sex and high schools.

Just last month, we covered such a story, more out of an obsessive tendency towards providing sweeping coverage of all things Sheepshead Bay than for the sort of sensationalism the Daily News is aiming for.

Today, we have a similar story from the News to report, and as it concerns Leon M. Goldstein High School, we still feel obliged to give you a heads up, despite the questionable ethics in such tawdry reportage on display.

The story revolves around a 35-year-old male security guard for Kingsborough Community College who started a relationship with a female student from Leon M. Goldstein High School, which shares the same campus grounds as the college, at 2001 Oriental Boulevard. The guard has since been fired from his post once the mother of the student complained to school officials.

Despite poor judgement on the part of the guard, both parties were of consenting age, and nothing illegal or grossly immoral took place. The guard was an employee of the college, not the high school, and he was not the girl’s teacher or supervisor.

The guard’s firing was based solely on the premise of his behavior being a “bad idea,” and not representative of expected conduct for a school employee.

The Daily News then goes on to tie this story with the one we previously mentioned, concerning  a reassigned Goldstein assistant principal who was accused of having an inappropriately close (albiet non-sexual) friendship with a student.

The dots the Daily News is ostensibly trying to connect, proclaiming Leon M. Goldstein High School as a “hotspot for illicit love affairs,” is both lazy and unfair, especially considering the swift actions taken on part of the school administers in dealing with both matters.

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  1. Hold on a second. The girl was 18, didn’t attend the same school, the guy wasn’t in any real position of authority over her….what the fuck? I hope he sues and gets millions. I hope she does too.

    That “affair” was nobodies fucking buisness.

  2. Sex sells. It’s to any publication’s financial advantage to hype stories like this. It plays on peoples’ fears and erotic urges at the same time. Doesn’t even matter if they’re true or not, or greatly exaggerated, which they usually are.

  3. Let’s go even further. Take a look at the numerous slideshows depicted young women as sex objects, regardless of age, peppered with language such as “hot,” “alluring,” and “sexy.” There are over 25 articles on teen bride Courtney Swodden and 5-6 “provocative” pictures of teen Kendall Jenner. Clearly, the sanctimonious paper is as sex obsessed as the alleged sex obsessed people they cover. And kudos for mentioning the quick actions of administrators that the paper glosses over since it doesn’t fit their narrative.

  4. I know the girl in question and she’s a skank. She sleeps around with everyone. I am pretty Sure the mother knows what kind of skank she is.

  5. I am assuming you people did not go to Goldstein HS. Unfortunately, I have, and all the rumors are at worst, understated. It’s basically a training ground, “vocational school” if you will, for girls who want a BA in BJ’s (and boys/men who like these kinds of girls). It is a slutfest in there and this kind of behavior, while not explicitly encouraged, is heavily tolerated. They do these things to get special favors from different people. It’s really a disgusting place and I’d hate to think how much AIDS there is floating around there…

  6. actually being that I went to LMG I do have to admit to the illicit love affair going on between a certain Math teacher and student… anyone who knows what I’m talking about can go on about it more in detail if they so choose…

  7. but wait what kind of guys/girls don’t like a good BJ? I disagree with you there but to each his/her own…

    also every HS is like this around the country, but there does seem to be a higher slut % at LMG. My guess its because the school population size is so small

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