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If There Were A Commercial To Promote Sheepshead Bay, This Should Be It


Has the neighborhood started to wear on you? The hustle-and-bustle, the strange smells, the endless parade of curmudgeonly weirdness?

I hear you. It’s time to fall back in love with the neighborhood again. Click play on the video above.

Max Bayarsky put this together. You may remember a similar video he made for Coney Island back in January. I think we should start buying up time on the airwaves for this, and watch the stream of new visitors arrive in search of a little peace, quiet and beauty.

And then we’ll sell stuff to them. It’ll be great.

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  1. Beautifully done. Now i have something to show my co-workers when they say “Oh, you live in Sheepshead Bay? Where’s that?”

  2. Very Zen. Anyone can enjoy the “peaceful” bay if they get out there at daybreak. After that, all hell breaks loose. It’s actually louder and busier than hell.

  3. No disrespect, but like Sheepshead bay smells like something died on the street every two feet. Therefore, furthermore, like it is a shitty place full of pretend rich pretentious benz drivers. I bet you drive a benz and live in section 8 housing

  4. You are incorrectly inferring something about someone who I know, and who is a nice, humble, hard-working human being. You don’t know these people! You don’t know Joe up above (nor do I, for that matter), but there is no crime in people having a fondness for the neighborhood in which they were born, raised and / or currently live. You start your comment off with “No disrespect,” and then you proceed to do just the opposite.

    I swear to God, some of the people who comment here…their abject atomic moronitude affects my health.

  5. Head a couple of exits eastbound on the belt, then come back and tell us if you’ve changed your mind at all.

  6. sounds like a couple of my friends who moved to Staten Island but still spend more time in Brooklyn. They really really want to like Staten Island.

  7. same for the people who moved to jersey and long island. They bash this city saying how its dirty and crowded. Yet they come here to work everyday, eat in our restaurants and go to our shows. If jersey and long island are so great, why dont they just work there

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