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Ideal Food Basket Replaces C-Town on Coney Island Avenue


The C-Town Supermarket at 710 Coney Island Avenue got a makeover this week. The sign above the front doors now says “Ideal Food Basket – Supermarket For Savings.” Ideal Food Basket is part of the America’s Food Basket chain that operates throughout the northeast and Florida.

Both Ideal and C-Town are run as franchises and most of the employees and day-to-day operations remain the same at this point. Although most employees were still wearing their C-Town garb, the manager and cashiers had made the switch to shirts and jackets emblazoned with the Ideal Food logo.

When asked what the difference between the old C-Town and the new Ideal supermarket is, the manager shrugged. “No difference but different name.”

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  1. If there’s no difference, I won’t be heading there to shop! If the meat didn’t smell rancid and the floors were clean and they had fresh food that wasn’t expired, I might start going there.

  2. The prices are higher. They also introduced more “health food” (fake meats, not decent produce or anything, in fact, they seem to have lost some vegetables…), at double and tripple the price of the health food stores down the street. Was pissed walking in here as I had just prepared my C-Town super discounted shopping list. Say goodbye to all the sales stickers from C-Town. Won;t be shopping here unless I have to. They could have at least honored the C-Town flyer for a week or so.

  3. Gave up going there after the 3d time I was nearly killed trying to park in the last spot in their tiny lot. Tried it again years later, found it somewhat improved but still iffy for meat or veg. Loved their selection of Mexican and Indian stuff, though.

  4. I had the same problem with expired packaged food there. Between that and having to cross the nightmare that is CIA to get there, I gave up and switched to the C-Town by Newkirk.

  5. I shop here all the time. It’s fine if you want oatmeal or pretzels or orange juice or eggs or cat food or beans or Sazon Goya con Culantro y Achiote or beer or cleaning products or tuna or yogurt or peanut butter.

  6. I dont know why these people have these comments because I’ve been to Other supermarkets since they changed the name and i got to say that i came back because they have more variety of things than others around the area. There prices are even better than before, the place looks awesome and the name says it all IDEAL!

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