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Ices & Computer Repair Are A Match Made In Heaven On 4th Ave


Aunt Patty D
Patty Dell’Olio says she’s always loved ices, and rather than wait any longer to find a storefront, she decided to open hers in an unusual spot — the front of Brooklyn Geek, the computer repair shop she co-owns on a busy stretch of 4th Avenue.

“I always wanted to do it, and I thought why not here?” she says from the window of Aunt Patty D’s Gourmet Ices, the small, walk-ups-only spot that opened this past weekend at 432 4th Avenue, between 8th and 9th Streets — where yes, they’re still offering repair services in the back.

Of course, there’s no shortage of places to get ices in Park Slope, but it’s a hike to the closest one from here, so it may come as a refreshing relief to folks getting off the subway at 4th Ave/9th St, as well as, come fall, to kids getting out of school from PS 118 across the street.

Aunt Patty D's Gourmet Ices, 432 4th Avenue
You’ll find a selection of ices, $2.25 for a small, $3.50 for a large (or you can grab a pint or quart to take home for after dinner), plus smoothies and slushies, all in a variety of flavors. They’re supplied by Johnny & Tino’s, whose ices and ice creams you may be familiar with if you’ve ever felt the pull to Prospect Park Southwest while with the kids at Vanderbilt Playground.

And they’re really good — perfectly smooth, not overly sweet, and definitely refreshing on a scorcher like today. The only trouble you’ll have is choosing a flavor.

As for Patty, she leans toward the tropical fruits, and says her favorite flavors include mango, passion fruit, and pineapple: “Though, I really do like them all!”

So stop by, say hello, and congratulate Patty on her new venture. And if you need help deciding on a flavor, she’ll be happy to give you a few sample bites.

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