Southern Brooklyn

Hurricane Sandy Information Exchange And Volunteer Network


We’re getting a lot of phone calls from people looking for family and friends who live in the evacuation zone and can’t reach them. We’re also getting a lot of messages from people who evacuated and want to know the conditions on their block.

We’re setting up this page so those of you who need information from neighbors on the ground can post it in the comments. Include a way to reach you if your concern is urgent. We’re also going to reach out to a handful of people to keep an eye on this page and make visits to locations if necessary.

This is an all volunteer effort. If no one gets back to your question or concern, know that everyone is trying their best. Conditions on the ground in the evacuation zone are bad. There is no power. Streets are littered with debris and abandoned vehicles. Please don’t send anyone on a fool’s errand – only post legitimate and serious concerns and think of the safety of our volunteers.