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Hugh Grant Film Starts Shooting On Beverley Rd. Monday


marc lawrence project filming beverley

We’ve been seeing these signs all over Beverley between Westminster and Argyle. The Marc Lawrence project shooting is this untitled film, for which a neighbor’s Rugby Rd. home is being used. She writes:

Our house will be Hugh Grant’s home. He is a sort of failed screen writer who is now an English professor. Marisa Tomei, his love interest is a single mom. Chris Elliot will be the neighbor living next door to our house (exterior shots only there).

Filming will also take place on E 18th and Albermarle Streets. Right now the shoot days are slated for Monday, April 29-Thursday, May 2 at our house and two half days at the other houses.

Several blocks of Beverley, plus Rugby, Albemarle, and E 18th seems like a lot of valuable parking space to give up, but the trade-off is Hugh Grant in the neighborhood. Wonder if he’ll stop into Madina for some curry?

If you park around the area, make sure your car is moved off Beverley by 10pm on Sunday, April 28–and keep an eye out for no parking signs on surrounding streets, too.

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  1. A great deal of that parking is for the people who drive in from New Jersey to work on the film. And remember they pay no taxes in NY. Nic perk if you can get it!

  2. My husband is working on this film. I can tell you that several people on that crew live off the B, Q and F below the park and are your neighbors. Most of those spots will be used for equipment and generator trucks and things of that nature. They don’t usually hold parking for crews if the train is convenient enough. . . .

  3. And I forgot to add: You’re also misinformed regarding NYS taxes. Crews gets taxed for where the work is done, not where individuals live, so even if they do live in NJ, they still pay NYS taxes for the work in our neighborhood.

  4. Famously unpleasant guy, that Hugh. Jon Stewart said he was the nastiest guest he’d ever had on the Daily Show, though he gets points in my book for secretly taping a Murdoch phone/e-mail hacker in the UK. So I’d say approach darling Hugh with caution! Chris Elliot on the other hand is worth saying hey to.

  5. If Chris Elliot may be around filming, he’s worth walking over for. He’s a rip and extremely easy going.

  6. Marisa Tomei lived in the Manhattan Terrace neighborhood prior to her acting career. Manhattan Terrace is the south side of the LIRR cut from Ocean Avenur to the BMT tracks with I beleive Avenue J as the southern border.

  7. Um…film stars don’t just sashay into the surrounding neighborhood when they are released from the set. They are ferried in limos to wherever they want to go. The idea that Hugh Grant will somehow fall in love with Cortelyou Rd. is laughable.

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