Hugh Grant At A “Sorority Party” On Albemarle Of The Day


hugh grant movie albemarle

Spotted on the corner of Albemarle and Marlborough: Hugh Grant and Marc Lawrence filming their as-yet untitled project, a cop car parked on a curb, two “neighbors” in pajamas, La-Z Boys on the lawn, and a ton of beer being poured down the sewer drain to comply with outdoor drinking laws.

The crew was also looking for extras–did any locals participate?

hugh grant movie albemarle

marc lawrence hugh grant movie albemarle

neighbors hugh grant movie albemarle

hugh grant movie albemarle

Overheard: the film is supposed to take place at SUNY Binghamton University (with this scene specifically at the non-existent Beta Sigma Phi house), and Hugh Grant’s character Ray Michaels will befriend a student with a bit of a drinking problem (we’re betting Clem Ronson, played by Steven Kaplan, who just may have been removed from the house on a stretcher).

We’ve been on Hugh watch, but no sign of Marisa Tomei or Chris Elliott yet. Give us a shout if you see them around town!

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