How Long Is Your Commute?


Travelling over the past couple of days has been described in nightmarish terms. The BQE is crawling at some points, and Coney Island Avenue is packed to the brim, especially near working gas stations. Here’s the information we have on commuting via mass transit and car. As neighbors plan their commutes, it pays to share and speak about your experiences thus far.

What have your commute times been via car, bicycle, motorcycle, taxi, bus and subway? Where were you going and how was the trip? Let’s talk and see if we can help each other make these commutes as painless as possible.

Photo of line for shuttle bus to get over the Manhattan Bridge by Josh Robin

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  1. I rode my bicycle into work yesterday in midtown (48th and 6th). 11 miles each way. Took 65 minutes going in, and 90 minutes coming back (because I took the West Side bike path on the way back).

  2. Drove myself and several coworkers to the UWS yesterday and today (starting on E 17th/Cortelyou, making a few stops along the way, ending up at 76th/Amsterdam). Yesterday it took 3.5 hours there and 2.5 hours home; this morning it was a breezy two hours. Tomorrow should be similar if I actually have gas.

  3. Shorter because my wife and I have been working from home this week. The dangling crane is across the street from our offices so the block is inaccessible and it’s not like trains are useful from Brooklyn until they restore power to lower Manhattan…

  4. I did Cortelyou/E16 to &th Ave & Carroll St in Park Slope in an hour and 15 mins at 8 this morning. We took a bus along Flatbush to Grand Army and walked down the slope along Union St.

    The afternoon commute (3 pm) was considerably less fun- we waited over 30 mins for a B41 local, were passed by at least 10 B41 Ltds, only a few of which stopped, and countless “subway shuttles” which did not stop.

    Door to door, the afternoon commute was probably an hour and a half, but made really unpleasant by how crowded the bus was when one finally stopped.

  5. I live at 18th and ave H, two blocks from the Ave H Q stop. My usual commute is Q-Dekalb-R-Court, about 35 minutes.

    Today I walked 11 minutes to Flatbush Ave, took the 5-Atlantic-3-Borough Hall, about :55 minutes.


  6. Yesterday left east 19th street around 7:15 to drive into Midtown, and I made a bad decision of going up the expressway and the BQE to the Brooklyn bridge. Took 1:30 hrs only to get to the bridge entrance. Once in Manhattan, took the FDR up to 42nd street and started looking for a parking garage. Ended up leaving the car on 11th avenue and 51st, at 9:45 am.

    Departed for home at 3:30 heading down the west side highway, had a smooth and pleasant ride until battery park, then it was packed. I wasn’t let on the brooklyn bridge and had to take the Manhattan bridge instead, then down Flatbush, then prospect west / southwest / CIA. Arrived home at 5:15.

    This morning I left at 4:15 am with the intention of beating the traffic and that nonsensical mandatory carpool. Got on the expressway which appeared much busier than expected, so in order to avoid more disappointment I cut back onto CIA and up PP / 8th avenue / Flatbush into the Manhattan bridge, all very smooth without traffic.

    Once across the bridge it was eerily pitch black, very few vehicles and all of them slow to a crawl to avoid damage. Finally got on the FDR north, then again off at 42nd street, and managed to find a parking at my first attempt on 41st between 2nd and 3rd. Altogether, about 50 mins.

    This afternoon left at 2:50, no traffic whatsoever, back home by 3:30,

  7. Transportation Alternatives is providing lights, maps, advice, and possibly coffee at these locations:

    Manhattan Side of the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges, 2nd Avenue @ 9th Street & 5th Avenue @ 25th Street. There’s also a ‘bike train’ leaving Gorilla Coffee (97 5th Ave) at 8:15. It’s a group ride going over the Manhattan Bridge. The leader- I forget his name but he writes the Brooklyn Spoke blog- is also offering assistance and advice. Good luck

  8. I’m leading a bike train tomorrow morning for new bicycle riders. Here are the details.

    The Bike Train will leave the Cortelyou Library at 7:45am and ride together to Gorilla Coffee where we will meet up with bicycle blogger, Doug Gordon, who will lead us to the Manhattan Bridge and over to Manhattan. Because Prospect Park is closed, our route will be to take Prospect Park Southwest to Prospect Park West to Lincoln Place to 5th Avenue.

    What is a bike train? Bike trains are a variation on school busses where a group of riders travel together both for safety in numbers and to assist less experienced riders.

    Transportation Alternatives has set up stations on the bridges and in various spots in Manhattan to aid all who choose to travel by bicycle. The train will likely make stops for coffee and sustenance along the way. There will be opportunities to pair up with other folks going to various Manhattan locations so that your commute will be successful, safe, speedy, and stress-free.

    Please bring water, dress warmly, and a helmet.

    Julie can be contacted via twitter @ginjula, mobile: 646-250-7855, or email: or just show up. We will leave promptly at 7:45am!

  9. 2 hour drive to Downtown Brooklyn (Jay St./Metrotech) via Ocean Ave and Flatbush. Avoid that route at all costs. Co-workers advised Prospect Exp. was packed and 3rd and 4th Ave. were jammed as well. However, I took 4th Ave. to Prospect Exp. home. No issues once you get past the gas station chaos.

    Anybody have any news regarding the Q Train? I’m sure the issue is down at the Coney Island MTA yards. They were flooded out.

  10. Was on the F train at 18th Ave at 7:35am, and to my office at 37th and Broadway at 9am. “Lines” for shuttle buses at Jay St-Metrotech at that time were chaotic but quick, the ride once on the shuttle was smooth, quick and entertaining (did you know “misconstrusion” is now a word?).

    Decided to walk from Midtown across the Manhattan bridge after work, (approx 100mins at my quick pace, including some gawkerish moments in the blacked out sections) then the F train from there. I think I was lucky with my morning commute but definitely pre-rush hour is the way to go.

    Side note, the walk through lower Manhattan was dark but pleasant, very few pedestrians and I was able to see stars. Bring flashlight/headlamp/flashlight app – if for no other reason than to make sure the cars see you.

  11. Please post if you will continue to do this bike train! Yesterday I biked into Manhattan via Brooklyn Bridge (from Stratford & Church) to 52nd & 10th Ave. Took a little over an hour, but coming back significantly slower with lights out along the Hudson Greenway and downtown. Would be interested in joining others for future ventures into the city. Thanks!

  12. One of the only reasons I can afford to live here is because I work less than a mile away. So, I’m guessing it will take me about 30 extra seconds to walk down Ocean Ave.

  13. I took the express bus from CIA and Beverley yesterday and today. It is great. Can only get on the Downtown express busses because of over crowding on the midtown buses but today’s bus went to midtown after the downtown stops–the traffic over the bridge was good this morning–to about an hour today to 34th st. Yesterday more like 2 hours because I had to hop on an uptown bus after the bridge.

  14. ~25 minutes shorter than normal on Friday. As I was waiting at a bus stop, car pulled up and asked if anyone needed a ride to midtown. The car needed more passengers to get over the bridges with the three person minimum. Traffic was a breeze; possibly due to gas shortages; telecommuting; or working from home.

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