Park Slope

How Do I Love Culture? Let Me Count the Ways


culture hearts

Culture is asking guests to fill out paper hearts saying what they love about the frozen yogurt shop. It’s an easy task for those of us who will gladly shiver across six blocks and four avenues just to get a snack that itself is frozen. Clearly, many share the sentiment.

Some highlights include:

“I love how you put toppings on the top and the bottom” (Yes!!!)

“I love the people who work here, they made my day”


“Warms me though it’s cold / I’ll eat it ’til I’m old”

“Cures a bad day or a broken heart”

hearts closeup

The fact that most are scrawled in children’s handwriting (and many are just incomprehensible drawings) make it that much more endearing.

Stop by and fill out a card and maybe try an original with Key Lime Pie topping.

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