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Homecrest Library Unveils Self-Checkout Service

The new BPL computer checkouts, equipped with shoulder-mounted laser scanner. Caution: Keep away from lighting.

The Homecrest branch of the Brooklyn Public Library (2525 Coney Island Avenue) is debuting new self-checkout service, enabling patrons to check out, renew and return books without the hassle of a face-to-face encounter.

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, Brooklyn Public Library President and CEO Linda E. Johnson, as well as other community members and Brooklyn Public Library staff, will be celebrating the initiation of these machines at the library tomorrow, July 24, at 3 p.m.

The Brooklyn delegation of the State Assembly, of which Cymbrowitz is a member, helped acquire a Community Capital Assistant Program grant of $2 million for the Brooklyn Public Library’s self-checkout machines.

Self-checkout machines have already been installed in other local libraries, including the Kings Bay library branch (3650 Nostrand Avenue), and the Bay Ridge library branch.

According to BPL, this technologically advanced service helps library visitors borrow and return books and other items more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, instead of assisting visitors with checkout and return, the library staff can now spend more time lending a hand to those researching or searching for specific works.

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  1. That’s right! Human contact, who needs it?! Whether it be the ability to talk to another person, in person, or writing in script! That’s so twentieth century?! Come to think of it, who actually reads books anymore, and why do we need libraries at all?! Technologically created, Farenheit 451, with a little of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, thrown in!

  2. The library is trying to emulate the internet, hrm…it fails. See, on the internet I don’t have to give the book back…

  3. Finally! Now I can take out Fifty Shades of Grey without being judged by the ladies at the counter!

  4. Considering past experiences I had at this library, such as disgust from a librarian for asking for copies of Mockingbird and Cuckoo’s Nest because she didn’t like that I spoke English (not Russian) and she herself never heard of these books…well…I’ll take Johnny 5.

  5. Oops! That was at the Sheepshead branch. This story is about the Homecrest branch. Apologies to the Homecrest branch. Still – down with Carbon. Up with Silicon. Until the cylons rebel.

  6. the Brooklyn Library system is one the the BEST in the nation…. we should all be proud of that fact.  is that a pic of the real self check out machine?  it looks like a robot from a 50’s sci fi movie and if it IS the real machine I cannot wait to go try it out….  and I like ALL the local libraries but my fav is the one in Gerritsen beach – it really is quite beautiful and a nice place to spend a rainy day reading. 

  7. Agreed, the BPL is an extraordinary system, but one in need of protection from the ongoing funding cuts if we want to keep it that way. The check-out machine in the photo is not a check out machine at all, it’s Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. Gerritsen Beach library is definitely a gem. The Kings Bay library and Kings Highway library are also pretty damn nice, following recent renovations. Unfortunately, the Sheepshead Bay library on 14th Street – the library nearest the largest local transit hub – continues to suffer from negligence, denied the improvements most other libraries in the system have received, which is a shame!

  8. as a child my parents would drop me and my siblings off at the Sheepshead bay library while THEY did the weekly shopping at “Dans Supreme” (I really date myself now)… the supermarket is gone, the library moved decades ago but it was there (and the library on avenue X) that I learned to love libraries 🙂

    havent been the the Kings highway branch since it was renovated but I will go ‘check it out” …  and hope people never lose the love of real books and they never forget the utter importance of keeping a free library system open (and free).

    tnks for letting me know that isnt the new checkout machine LOL  I feel a little silly now for not knowing it was from ‘short circuit”

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