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Holocaust Survivors Speak Of Harrowing Adversity In Presentation To P.S. 52 Students

Source: Weinstein's office
Source: Weinstein’s office

The following is an unaltered press release from the offices of Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein:

Thanks to Assemblywoman Weinstein, Students at P.S. 52 learning about the Holocaust and World War II during the month of May, heard personal stories of survival from local Holocaust survivors.

Contrasted with school Holocaust curriculums, the program brought members of New York Association of Holocaust Survivors to present first-person and intimate portraits of the adversities they had to overcome in order to survive. Students had plenty of questions for their guests – most, decorated Russian War Veterans – and were shocked to learn that the survivors had been close to their age when they suffered the described hardships and losses.

“There is little doubt that we are getting dangerously close to a time when we will be unable to hear these stories from the individuals who experienced them,” said Assemblywoman Weinstein. “These students need to hear these heartbreaking accounts of survival in the face of baseless hatred and violence so we can make good on our promise to ‘Never Forget’. I will continue to work with the NYS Association of Holocaust Survivors to bring this crucial program to other area schools.”

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  1. If most were decorated Russian War Veterans (and don’t you love how the Russkies pour on those medals?!) how can you present them to the kids, as Holocaust survivors?! Granted, some of them might be Jews, but a survivor should ideally be someone who survived those dreadful camps, or escaped to the east! With many actual survivors dying out, I guess it’s hard to find, actual ones around these parts! (Unless, of course, one asks Dov Hikind, who thinks a quarter of the folks, in the current Borough Park are Holocaust survivors! Not!!!)…A question I would have asked them is: How do you fathom, that only about seventy years after the German nation wanted to exterminate every Jewish man, woman, and child on the face of the earth, some of their very own grandchildren and great grandchildren, have been seen driving down Emmons, Ocean Parkway, and Avenue U, behind the wheel of Audi’s, BMW’s, and Mercedes Benz’s, (and some recklessly, at that!) built by the children and grandchildren, of those very same Nazi butchers?!!!

  2. You raise a pointless question about today’s youth owning and operating what the Greatest generation used to call a “Nazi car”. I heard it a lot when I was a kid from my elders, esp about Volkswagen, the People’s Car. But, let me flip the script, Daze, how do you explain it? Aside from the irony, there is no connection between these modern 21st century corporations owned by thousands of shareholders and the monsters who administered the Nazi military & industrial complex. So how do you fathom it. ?

  3. The only problem with this article, that Ned didn’t bother to mention in his article that Swastika was found 2 times in PS52 last month . First time Swastika was foun even on the day when Holocaust survivals was present there. Did you try to ask principal Mr . Alvarez about it or Assembly women Weinstein ? Or maybe PS52 try to keep this problem just insidethey walls ? “Great welcome to Holocaust survivals”.

  4. This man with a lot of medals is Holocaust survivors. Where he get so many medals?
    It’s looks like Brezhnev hobby

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