Southern Brooklyn

Hollywood To Blow Up Knapp Street Burger King Tomorrow

Photo by Robert Fernandez

Sheepshead Bay and other parts of Southern Brooklyn are quickly becoming a fashionable place for Hollywood types to film their movies. The latest movie filming our streets is Cymbeline, a modern-day adaptation of the William Shakespeare classic, not the Pink Floyd song.

The movie, directed by Michael Almereyda, stars the likes of Ethan Hawke, Mila Jovovich and Ed Harris and will be filming scenes this Thursday and Friday on Knapp Street between Avenue X and Avenue Y. Shooting will also take place on Avenue Y between Knapp Street and Bringham Street. One scene will be shot at the Burger King (2481 Knapp Street). Here is the description of the scene from the event notice issued:


2481 KNAPP STREET, Brooklyn (Interior Exterior)

Description: A battle in urban wasteland btwn a biker gang and local police. Various interior-exterior scenes in small empty burger king and surrounding private parking lot 3 Picture Squad Cars, 8 motorcycles. prop guns, handcuffs and ak47. flame bars and smokers. Prop cadaver smolders on gurney. The Interiors and Exteriors are happening simultaneously as the battle engulfs the closed burger king . The entire company will be staging on the private exterior parking lot on premises of the closed burger kingP

Pretty cool, but also kind of sad that the local Burger King on Knapp Street might easily double for a scene set in an “urban wasteland.” Still, it is interesting how much Hollywood activity has come to the area in recent months, drawing in the likes of Bill Murray, Jason Clarke and even the Spider-Man 2 crew in Bensonhurst. If anyone near the site catches some interesting photos or runs into a celebrity, please share them with us!