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Hey, Here’s A $1.8 Million Manhattan Beach Mansion To Gawk At



The description, presented without comment:

Have the sensation of being in a calm suburb with the luxury of a private beach, while still being in New York City. Think Gatsby, but even closer to downtown Manhattan.

Located in an exclusive part of Brooklyn, this one-family house on Manhattan Beach is a not-so-hidden treasure. Surrounded by palaces, the restricted, up-market neighborhood has both a country club feel with tennis courts and a peaceful beach area, and maintains the charm of New York’s trendiest borough.

Okay, not entirely without comment. I’ll give you Curbed’s comment. You read that, people in a certain condominium complex that isn’t Lake-a or Sea-a? It’s Curbed’s comment. Not mine.

It may not be as blatantly blinged-out as our favorite controversy-tinged mansion in the similarly Russian neighborhood of Mill Basin, but there is the somewhat funky typical interior design decision of a giant flatscreen TV flanked by two classical-style statues.

Curbed writers must be petty, jealous people and live filthy, trashy peasant lives.

Them, not me.

Oh, yeah, asking price for this house at 925 Hampton Avenue is $1,872,000. Check out the listing for details.






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  1. Unless this house sits on Kingsborough’s Campus and the owners are students and faculty, there is no “private” beach. They would have to use Manhattan Beach just like the rest of the public. But then agaiin, maybe the owners are very wealthy and have a private beach in their backyard. Who knows.

  2. I actually looked at the aerial images in Google Maps. I saw a pool, and a chunk of the yard is covered by foliage. My guess is they’ve got a little corner with sand and some water.

  3. Ohh please… There are no private beaches in Manhatan Beach area. All beaches are PUBLIC. What’s wrong nowdays to have a decent house in Brooklyn?
    The 2 bdr apt , 1200 sf in Manhattan has the same prise and nobody consider owners or buyers a wealthy people.

  4. Why no bathroom images? Don’t you know that’s the only place out of the whole house people spend most time in?

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