Southern Brooklyn

Hey, Here’s A $1.8 Million Manhattan Beach Mansion To Gawk At



The description, presented without comment:

Have the sensation of being in a calm suburb with the luxury of a private beach, while still being in New York City. Think Gatsby, but even closer to downtown Manhattan.

Located in an exclusive part of Brooklyn, this one-family house on Manhattan Beach is a not-so-hidden treasure. Surrounded by palaces, the restricted, up-market neighborhood has both a country club feel with tennis courts and a peaceful beach area, and maintains the charm of New York’s trendiest borough.

Okay, not entirely without comment. I’ll give you Curbed’s comment. You read that, people in a certain condominium complex that isn’t Lake-a or Sea-a? It’s Curbed’s comment. Not mine.

It may not be as blatantly blinged-out as our favorite controversy-tinged mansion in the similarly Russian neighborhood of Mill Basin, but there is the somewhat funky typical interior design decision of a giant flatscreen TV flanked by two classical-style statues.

Curbed writers must be petty, jealous people and live filthy, trashy peasant lives.

Them, not me.

Oh, yeah, asking price for this house at 925 Hampton Avenue is $1,872,000. Check out the listing for details.