Here Comes The Snow: Parking, Subways & More


Snow by uenoasako on Instagram

The snow is already sticking to the sidewalks, and by the time it ends early tomorrow morning, we could have as much as 14 inches out there! The heaviest snow is expected between 4-10pm, so be extra careful if you’re commuting during that time.

Here are some of the snow-related things you should know today:

Alternate side parking is suspended for today, Tuesday January 21. They haven’t cancelled it for Wednesday yet, but we think it’s a safe bet.

• You still have to pay at parking meters.

• Garbage is still on schedule for today, but collection could be delayed as trucks get prepped for snow removal.

• Express service on the subway (like the B train) will probably switch to local this evening. Check before you head home tonight.

• See when your street will be cleared with the plow tracker.

 It’s going to be super cold through Saturday, so stay warm!

 Finally, keep your sidewalks clear!

Photo by uenoasako

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