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Here Are Some Local Restaurants That Are Open On Christmas Day

Photo by Bob De Thomas
Photo by Bob De Thomas

On Christmas Day, many shop owners close their stores so that they and their employees can enjoy the holiday at home. But for those who don’t recognize the birth of Christ as a reason to unwrap gifts and string lights around a freshly-cut conifer, December 25 can be a difficult time to make plans — particularly because this year Christmas falls on a Friday. Neighborhood mainstays like Randazzo’s Clam Bar, il Fornetto, and Delmar Pizza plan to close for the holiday. Legendary sandwich makers Brennan & Carr and Roll-N-Roaster will also not be open.

To make planning a night out easier for our non-Christian neighbors, we’ve rounded up a few of the local restaurants that will be open on Christmas Day.

Istanbul Restaurant
1715 Emmons Avenue, open 11am – 11pm, 718-368-3587
This Turkish eatery prides itself on the quality of its seafood. Indeed, the grilled Branzini, served whole, will leave you picking through your plate for every scrap of buttery flesh. And the Mediterranean decor creates the impression that you’re in a cabin overlooking the Marmara while enjoying your seafood feast.

Azerbaijan House
2612 E 14th Street, open 11:30am – 11:30pm,718-646-2345
Want to have a great time with friends over a cozy, homespun meal? Share a table full of dishes cooked at this Azeri kitchen, which feels more like chowing down at the family home than eating out.

Aziza 7 Cafe
113 Avenue Z, open 11am – 11pm,718-934-0717
Escape from the winter cold with some warm comfort food at this Russian/Uzbek eatery. We recommend the hot lagman soup and meat samsa.

Vanka Cafe
3810 Nostrand Avenue, open 11am – 12am,347-702-4023
This restaurant serves portions big enough to start a war between your stomach and taste buds, and prides itself on its traditional homestyle Russian cuisine. Their egg-topped meat schnitzel is certainly the ultimate comfort food.

Village Cafe
1968 Coney Island Avenue, open 11am – 12am, 718-975-3373
This Azeri restaurant aspires to be “Your Village Away From Home.” However, the dazzlingly flavorful and beautiful dishes are made with a little more care than you might find at a backwater inn. Also, those with an adventurous appetite should consider the Djiz-Biz.

Opera Cafe & Lounge
2255 Emmons Avenue, open 8am – 2am, 718-676-2992
This turkish restaurant offers elegant atmosphere combined with quality cuisine. A perfect spot for a dinner date or special meal with family and friends. We’d recommend the luxuriously rich lamb shank.

13 Avenue U, open 12pm – 10pm,718-787-0120
Revered New York City food critic Robert Sietsema gave high praise to this Russian eatery. Though his glowing review came with one caveat: Stolovaya “doesn’t give a damn about vegetables” and you should just bring your own.

2003 Emmons Avenue, open 12pm – 11pm, 718-332-6064
This Greek restaurant earned a spot on the Village Voice’s list of the 10 Best Bargain Seafood Restaurants in New York City. Having a great selection of fresh fish, which you can pick out of the ice tray near the kitchen, makes this place worthy of a visit.

Next Door
2005 Emmons Avenue, open 12pm – 11pm, 718-942-5870
Looking to get your pizza fix. Next Door has a stone oven fired up a ready to bake your pie. Go for dessert and order their Nutella pizza with bananas and strawberries.

Liman Restaurant
2710 Emmons Avenue, open 12pm – 11pm, 718-769-3322
Also on the list of 10 Best Bargain Seafood Restaurants, this Mediterranean grill is ready to please your palette with the bounty of the ocean. Hot items include the pan-fried mussels, borek, char-grilled octopus salad, and St. Peters fish.

Cipura Restaurant
1901 Emmons Avenue, open 12pm – 11pm, 718-758-5353
Named after the popular Mediterranean bream fish, this restaurant is the newest Turkish seafood spot to open on Emmons Avenue. The restaurant’s namesake, cooked whole, is certainly worth a try. As is the creamy and tangy salmon roe spread.

Cats On The Bay
2027 Emmons Avenue, open 12pm – 11pm, 929-777-2287
This French/American restaurant serves up great food, wine, and has a festive, fun atmosphere. Also, their fresh oysters are a great casual snack.

Falada Lounge
2011 Emmons Avenue, open 12pm – 4am, 718-332-4040
This hookah bar/lounge mixes some colorful cocktails. Great for Friday nightlife.

Signature Restaurant
2007 Emmons Avenue, open 12pm – 4am, 718-332-4040
Operated by the same owners as Falada, hence they share the same phone number, this is where you can get a hearty steak while sipping a glass of wine.

Jay & Lloyd’s Kosher Deli
2718 Avenue U, open 10am – 9pm, 718-891-5298
This longtime kosher deli once got a visit from Anthony Bourdain. The family-owned sandwich maker will fill you up with some pastrami on rye for yummy lunch.

Rocca Cafe-Lounge
2712 Emmons Avenue, open 10am – 1am, 718-769-2525
This Turkish restaurant overlooking the bay will wet your appetite for a visit to the Mediterranean. Mix it up with some kebabs while taking in the sea breeze.

Nargis Cafe
2818 Coney Island Avenue, open 11am – 1am, 718-872-7888
This Uzbek restaurant’s mouth-watering cuisine gets star reviews from critics around the city.  Almost everyhting is made in-house, inlcuding the hand-pulled noodles, dumplings, and savory pastries.

Cafe Glechik
1655 Sheepshead Bay Road, open 11am – 12am, 718-616-0766
The homestyle Ukranian cuisine at this restaurant put it on the Village Voice’s list of the 10 Best Restaurants in Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay. Make sure to sample the eatery’s delicious dumplings.

1001 Nights
35 Neptune Avenue, open 12pm – 1am, 718-646-1001
Named after the famed Middle-Eastern folk book, this restaurant offers dishes from across Asia, including and Uzbeki samsa. There’s also belly dancing and music for your entertainment.

Chayhana Salom
1652 Sheepshead Bay Road, 11am – 10pm, 718-332-2200
Like other Uzbek restaurants, Chayhana Salom specializes in charred kebabs and hearty soups. But consider exploring the menu and trying they Narin, a cold noodle dish, or their fried ravioli.


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