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Help Save The Diamondback Terrapins Of Jamaica Bay! (P.S. – They’re Turtles)


Dr. Russell Burke is out to save the Diamondback Terrapins of Jamaica Bay.

Diamondback Terrapins are unique turtles that live only in the coastal swamps of the eastern and southern United States – and that includes our beloved Jamaica Bay salt marshes.

These cuddly little fellas are in trouble for a couple of reasons. The first is the scourge of raccoons, those Hamburglars of the habitat, who steal over 90 percent of the terrapin’s eggs. The second problem is the loss of salt marshes where the turtles live. The marshes of Jamaica Bay are falling apart, and no one is sure why, according to Burke – though we can hazard a guess.

Burke is hoping to figure out how the terrapins are adjusting to the changes in their environment. Tracking terrapins and their movements is incredibly difficult and complex. Burke started a crowdfunding support page to fund his research, which will hopefully allow him to lead the way in understanding the mystery of these turtles, and preserving the Diamondbacks for future generations.

Won’t you donate a dollar to saving a terrapin?

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  1. I found a baby diamond back terrapin on my doorstep which is on somerville basin, beach 59 far rockaway. you can add him to your list. he was alive so i placed him back in the bay. cheers

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