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Help P.S.10 5th Graders Fund Classroom Chromebooks


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Last October, we told you about Mr. Conrad at P.S. 124, and his Donor’s Choose project to upgrade his classroom’s laptops. The kids received their funding in record time, and we’re hoping to see the same thing happen for a group of 5th graders at P.S. 10.

Teacher Deborah van Doren explains on her Donor’s Choose page that, much like the kids at P.S. 124, a large percentage of her students have no internet access at home, making research projects difficult. Knowing what a hindrance this is in today’s electronic world, Ms. van Doren wants to make sure that her kids can take advantage of the web’s educational opportunities.

My students need 6 Chromebooks for use in the classroom. Chromebooks bring the web’s educational resources right into the classroom for my students. We can use them to conduct research as well as collaborate on group writing projects. Chromebooks are quick, they can be shared easily, and they require very little maintenance. Also, this price for a Chromebook is rare!

Interested in making a donation?

1. Visit Ms. van Doren’s Teacher Page.
2. In the box on the right, enter the amount of your donation, and click the green button marked “Give.”

With only $210 remaining until they reach their goal, the class is in the homestretch. Let’s pitch in and help make sure all the kids in our neighborhood are receiving the tools they need to succeed.

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