Help Fight The Phrag In Prospect Park


Prospect Park phragmites

Looking for a way to give back to our big Brooklyn backyard? Prospect Park is taking steps to fight the invasive phragmites growing on the shorelines of its lake, and it’s in need of volunteers to help.

Prospect Park’s new Fight the Phrag campaign began this month as an effort to remove this invasive species of wetland grass that’s dominated the shoreline of Brooklyn’s only lake, growing densely up to a height of 18 feet.

The first round of volunteers came from Goldman Sachs to work with the Prospect Park Alliance’s Landscape Management crew, using black plastic landscaping fabric to tamp down the tall grass, and then once the sheeting is removed, the Alliance will install native plantings to create new a habitat for wildlife.

The Fight the Phrag initiative continue this month with the Weekend Woodland Corps — sign up to volunteer for the August 16 or 23 session, and help out our shorelines!

Photo via the Prospect Park Alliance.

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