Hello, Key Food! Windsor Farms Market Officially Opens


WT Key Food Exterior
The sun was certainly shining down on Windsor Terrace this morning, as Windsor Farms Market (589 Prospect Avenue and 11th Avenue) officially opened their doors to the public.

The space, formally occupied by a Key Food market, was unexpectedly shuttered in 2012 and slated for a new Walgreens development.

After a fierce battle with neighbors and local politicians, who were outraged at the loss of the community’s only large grocery store, Walgreens ultimately agreed to share the property, and preparations for a new and improved Key Food were set into motion.

WT Key Food Man In AisleConstruction delays and red tape oftentimes made residents questions whether or not their supermarket would ever see the light of day, but now that it’s up and running, both management and shoppers couldn’t be happier.

WT Key Food Lettuce“I’m very impressed,” exclaimed one neighbor as he exited the store. “It’s clean. It’s not a corner grocery. It has everything you need. The aisles are a nice size. It’s great quality.”

WT Key Food MeatsNeighbor Katrina Johna agreed.

“We’ll be back for sure. We’ve really needed this.”

WT Key Food BreadThe market definitely has a lot to offer. Shoppers will find everything from fresh baked bread and seafood, to tantalizing deli selections and produce.

WT Key Food Cheese“We have a full line of organic and non-organic grocery items,” supervising manager Amin Siad explained, “a wide selections of natural, organic and non-organic meats and produce, and a full showcase for the deli department.

WT Key Food Seafood“We’re trying to have everything under the sun,” he beamed. “If a customer can’t find something, they can put in a priority request, and we’ll order it for them.”

WT Key Food Small AislesWe heard a few complaints from shoppers with strollers and carts that the interior aisles were a bit tight, which is true, so be prepared for a squeeze if you’re coming during peak shopping hours.

WT Key Food CheckoutThe same could be said for the checkout area, which can get a bit chaotic. It’s difficult to see where the lines begin, and who’s just meandering between aisles.

By 9am, though, shoppers were pouring through the doors to explore the store. More often than not, they left with bags in hand, and a smile on their face, so that’s definitely a good start for this long-awaited neighborhood addition.

“The bottom line,” emphasized Mr. Siad, “the one thing that we want people to know about our store, is that we’re hear to serve them. We want to be YOUR neighborhood marketplace.”

Have you had a chance to visit Windsor Farms Market? What are your thoughts?

Windsor Farms Market is located at 589 Prospect Avenue and 11th Avenue. Hours are 7am to 10pm, daily. For more information, follow the store on Facebook, or email

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  1. Am I correct that he should be wearing gloves when handling food, fish included ?

  2. He’s probably only required to wash them before handling food and and after handling raw meat, fish, or poultry. The fish will be cooked. And, he’s not a surgeon.

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