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Why Was There A Helicopter Hovering Over Our Neighborhood This Morning?


An NYPD helicopter hovered in our neighborhood late last night and early this morning, leaving many of our neighbors wondering why search lights were beaming into their bedrooms.

When we reached out to the NYPD this morning about the incident, DCPI told us “nothing of note” occurred in the 70th Precinct last night or this morning. Seems like we differ on what constitutes something “of note,” and neighbor Christopher told us he saw a suspect run past him as he was walking to the corner of Newkirk and Westminster around 12:06am. Not long after,  an undercover cop and a fully outfitted officer rounded the corner to pursue the suspect, who the neighbor said looked like a teenager in white shorts and a white tank top.

The witness said when he looked down the street, past Ox Cart, he “could see another suspect in cuffs and a few cop cars with lights on.”

So far, it seems like much of the police activity seemed to be centered around Newkirk and Westminster, but let us know where you heard or spotted the chopper.

Many of our neighbors took to twitter as the helicopter lingered in our area:

Neighbor @titivil (Brent Cox) went out to check it out:

And neighbor Michael filmed some of last night’s activity on his phone, which he was kind enough to share with us:

We’ve also reached out to the 70th Precinct for more information and will update this as soon as we hear from them. And, as always, email us at editor@ditmasparkcorner.com if you have any more info!

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  1. Really annoying…woke us up! They always do this…if it’s not at nightime, it’s in the early morning! Can’t we get any sleep???? I hope they caught the perpetrator at least!!!

  2. Spooked me. I heard a woman scream and a man shout. It was an odd enough scream that I muted the TV and went to the window to see what was happening. Nothing more, and I saw nothing. Ten minutes later, the choppers hovered overhead for quite a while and the floodlights searched my yard and driveway. I hope all is ok…

  3. I’m at newkirk and 19th. Near the end of the helicopter hovering, a few cops walked through the garden outside of our building searching the shrubs… Not sure they found anything, but it was pretty intense.

  4. Nothing of note, my ass. A car pulled over on Argyle, right by Ox Cart. It looked like the car was then abandoned. Then the cops chased a man wearing shorts and a white t-shirt down Newkirk towards Westminster and brought him back to the cop car. He looked like he’d been cuffed. As they were leading him towards the cop car on Newkirk, a second dark colored four door sedan turned on to Argyle from Newkirk and pulled up next to the abandoned car. Someone got out of the passenger side, went to the abandoned car, opened the driver side door, took something out of the car, then did the same thing to the back door, then hopped back into the sedan which then drove away at high speed down Argyle. Meanwhile, another cruiser was driving by and I think the cops in that one saw the dark sedan speeding by and they gave chase. About five minutes later, four or five cruisers went speeding down Argyle also. Then the helicopter showed up. I’m not sure what counts as something of note to the 70th, but what I saw certainly seemed noteworthy to me.

  5. OMG, so glad you posted this! The helicopter hovered and flew around our house on Marlborough at Newkirk for over an HOUR, and was incredibly loud, low-flying, and made the house shake as it went past each time it swooped around or hovered above.

  6. Cops searched all the backyards behind my building on Newkirk and 17th on foot with bright flashlights while the helicopter hovered continuously for at least 15 minutes. They didn’t find anyone.

  7. Thanks for making me feel less crazy. We had a second helicopter over Foster and 23rd or so. They were incredibly loud and disruptive with the search lights – watching it out my window, I could see the second one over by Newkirk. It lasted WAY too long to be nothing. Maybe they just meant that they weren’t able to arrest anyone?

  8. It’s really pretty weird that they’d say “nothing of note”. I haven’t see a manhunt comparable to that one in many years. There’s more to this story, but for some reason (and it might be a good reason) the police want to keep it under wraps.

  9. Yea I saw a cop running down Dorchester and Westminster rd chopper hovering in circles I ran to catch up to him and ask him if He sees a black cat with a a white chest to let me know I live around the corner.

  10. My son actually saw someone on our fire escape….running down. We are on newkirk and westmin…scary shit!

  11. Glad to hear of some discussion. I often go to twitter looking for some information and rarely find it. Would be nice for people to use #DitmasPark or #Flatbush in their tweets. Nevertheless, I slept through this incident.

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