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Hate Crime Charges Dropped Against Suspects In Assault Near Kings Plaza


The Daily News is reporting that a grand jury decided to drop the hate crime charges raised against Kashawn Kirton, 18, and Daehrell Finch, 17, two suspects that police arrested in connection with an assault of a couple near Kings Plaza on October 14 that authorites believed was racially motivated.

Kirton and Finch, along with two minors, were arrested shortly after the attack, in which Ronald Russo and his wife, Alanna, were attacked by a large group of black teenagers. The couple, both white, were reportedly subjected to racial epithets, with the suspects allegedly yelling “Get those crackers!” and “Get that white whore!”

The incident happened as the victims, stopped at the intersection of Avenue U and East 58th Street in their car. The group of African-American teenagers was crossing the street against the light, and Russo honked his horn. After one of the teens kicked the car Russo got out to assess the damage, and that was when he and his wife were attacked.

Kirton claims that he was wrongly arrested, and not associated with the other teenagers. He said he was shopping at Lowe’s at the time, and was nabbed by police because he matched the description.

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  1. Funny how it works…. what a bunch of bullshit! Then people wonder why there is racism…it goes both ways! If it were reversed there would be a march and a vigil and al Sharpton and so on and so on.

  2. Coonarsie (a once all white safe haven) has become a crime ridden J1GABOO shithole, just like it’s neighbors East New York , Brownsville & Flatbush…(all formerly white neighborhoods)

  3. Isn’t “Fat Nick” still in prison on hate crimes charges after Bloombag railroaded him for uttering the “N” word when confronting and beating the fine young african american lad who had mugged his friend earlier that evening?

    Beaten and dead white people especially Italians by the hands of feral teens screaming “Crackah” and “kill the white whore” is seemingly a public service. I’m sure the last two white people that ventured into Kings Plaza and Flatbush Avenue in general will now be going to the Staten Island Mall from now on unless they are carrying elephant guns.. Does wonders for the real estate values of Old Mill Basin and Marine Park. Leave it to “Joe” Hynes and his 25+ years of “Selective” Prosecutions.

    Ah, multiculturalism brings such wonders to the vibrant tapestry where Caucasian blood adds such a vivid hue.

  4. That is true except when N1GGERS commit racist crimes agains the evil “white deBills”, our liberal pussified society allows them to get away with it. When “whitey” commits the same “Racist” crijme against a poor innocent underprivileged downtrodden n1gger, we are get called “Racists”

  5. I have to be honest and Blunt with my comments and I know they will soon be deleted but the truth is the truth and the truth i shall speak!! The proof is in the pudding as they may say so…call me a racist….I don’t care!!! N1ggers are not human and they don’t belong in a civilized society. Send the back to their natural habitat, the jungles of Africa and let them destroy that and themselves. Even the monkeys will reject them there!!!

  6. What a joke! However just as sad are the idiotic comments below. Racism is ugly in every form. Perhaps the FACT that Councilperson Williams dismissed the whole thing as just a fight! ” if I’m in a fight and someone calls me the N word, that’s what they suppose to do, we in a fight”. No Councilman, that was not a fight, it was a racist attack.

  7. This is physically making me sick!!! If they were white teens, it would be a hate crime with all of the Sharpton bells and whistles demanding their heads and shutting down traffic for protests!

  8. They are saying this one kid got off not all they arrested few of em u Neva know maybe he was jus in wrong place wrong time u can’t jus assume cause he’s black he’s for sure the one who did i maybe I’m reading something wrong but could that be possible ? I’m white maybe they saw him on camera or he had alibi

  9. Keep in mind we keep ids we don’t all look the same and we don’t all act like wild animals or we go to jail kids like that run wild and nobody gives a shit and best part is our taxes pay for these fckn for food and housing there just thanking us thank our gov

  10. If he’s Black, he’s guilty!!! N1GGERS are natural born criminals. Dey all cop the plea “Iz’e Dint Do Nuffins and sheeeeeyyyytttt!!!!”

  11. We are white, we are proud and we are civilized human beings. N1GGERS are none of the above. Look where N1GGERS come from …the Jungles of Africa. Their feral and savage jungle heritage is in their blood and they cannot be domesticated.

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