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Happy Sixth Birthday, Sheepshead Bites!

This is what the header of looked like when we first launched in 2008. What was I thinking?!

Six years ago on this date, May 12, I registered the domain name Within two hours, I customized a blog template and published the first post to ever appear on this website.

Man, what a ride it has been.

Back then, it was intended to simply be a creative outlet while I worked a soulless gig at a trade publication. I never expected the outpouring of support from neighbors who, somehow, found their way here within the first few days of launch. Southern Brooklyn, it seemed, was desperate for some love, digital-style.

I certainly never expected that I’d leave my job and come to pilot this ship full-time, into the turbulent, uncharted seas of digital community news during the most challenging, empowering, stressful, inspiring, maddening and unquestionably rewarding journey of my entire life. Or that, six years on, we’d be sailing onwards evermore, lord willing.

I could sit here and recount Sheepshead Bites’ victories, our trying moments, or the subjects I’ve worked on over the years that filled me with so much damn feeling – pride, shame, empathy and exaltation – that my heart verged on exploding. Or I could harp on the support we’ve received from our business partners, testimony not only to Sheepshead Bites’ broad and growing audience, but also to the recognition of our local, loyal and independent message, which is at the core of Sheepshead Bites’ mission.

I could but I won’t. Because you’re here and you already know it, and I’ve never been one to preach to choirs.

So instead, I say something I don’t get to say often enough: Thank you. Each and every one of you. It continues to be such a privilege, and I look forward to continuing this uncertain but exciting voyage with you by my side.

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  1. I think we’re all glad you stepped up to the plate (double entendre is intentional) to give the world a taste of a vibrant community.

  2. I need you in my mailbox at 7pm daily; or else watch out! Congrats to you, Ned, and your excellent compadres. Arthur R.

  3. Let’s see if we can break the Sheepsheadbites record with over 500 replies to this thread. Congratulations. Glad to be a part of it.

  4. Very glad that you do what you do. I’m 350 miles away and have 88 year old parents still living in Manhattan Beach. After Sandy hit, was one of the few ways I could find out what was happening there during the few days before it was possible to get there in person. This site makes a tremendously positive difference. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  5. Hard to believe it’s been 6 years already. How quickly time flies. And I suppose that is because Sheepshead Bites has maintained the same high quality since its inception. There’s no doubt in my mind that this has become an example of how on-line news media can matter. Sheepshead Bites readers get the news that is relevant to their daily lives. Because what is local is what matters most.

    I look forward to seeing many more anniversaries. Ned, you deserve that, as do those who read this daily.

  6. Someday, perhaps decades from now, when the few, if any, remaining newspapers and magazines will be seen as quaint, largely unprofitable, relics of a bygone era, J-school students studying how community news blogs changed the face of local journalism will make their annual pilgrimage to Sheepshead Bay to sit at the feet of an aging, curmudgeonly editor-publisher, banging away on a tarnished old iPad, regaling yet new generations of readers, listeners, and viewers with timely scoops on neighborhood happenings, political scandals, car accidents, and restaurant openings, and they’ll say, then as we do now…


  7. I’ve always been warned to avoid self praise. But in Today’s world everyone seems to need a brand and is doing it! In the general scheme of things most people out there, don’t even know this site exists, or care. Especially, those in our own essentially, under the radar, fine area. Which is the overwhelming majority of folks in our area! Nonetheless, despite your cluelessness about the History of Bensonhurst, as Beans have had nothing to do with the place, (And don’t feel bad about that cause Ron Schweiger, our supposed Borough Historian, is clueless about Bensonhurst, Borough Park, and our own Sheepshead Bay area!) and allowing some personal attacks on this site, I too would like to extend my kudos, as reading it, is often an amusing way to end my hectic day!!!

  8. Congratulations man! May Sheepshead Bites not only stay alive for many years to come, but may it bring you comfort and fulfillment both financially and creatively.

    I’ve said it before, but its worth repeating that in some small, strange, way Sheepshead Bites has changed the way I view our community, our local politics, and the diverse viewpoints of my neighbors. I remember discovering Sheepshead Bites for the first time in my college programing class around 2009. I have been a daily visitor ever since and have been a better, more informed, person for it.

    Like others have said below, you provide a great service for our community and I hope we can somehow reciprocate in ways that allow you to continue doing this full time.

  9. Happy birthday!!

    Ned (and the rest of the SheepsheadBites crew) thanks for all that you do. I check this website everyday, always looking forward to finding out what’s going on in the neighborhood. I think this website and news12 are the only sources to find out what’s going on in Sheepshead Bay since the mainstream news barely reports on this area.

    So I’m glad we have such a fine local news source . Again, thanks for all you do, happy birthday, and keep it up!!

  10. I look forward to read Sheepshead Bites everyday. Am also checking it out. Thank you for this site. It is appreciated very much 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday, Sheepsheadbites! Continue your great work in covering our neighborhoods. Congrats to your talented team!

  12. I apologize for assuming your comment was in reply to mine. I think that was a fair assumption, really; I guess you just missed my comment.

  13. I saw your comment but was not addressing it to you because Andrew has a much longer history here than you do.

  14. Happy Birthday Bites. When my subscription to the old Bay News folded into some generic boro-wide paper, I let it lapse and gave up on finding out what was happening here in The Bay. But this BITES really filled and exceeded the information gap and has gotten better over the years. Live long and prosper. As for Channel 12, they rarely cover anything south of Prospect Park, unless it’s a homicide in Canarsie. Cablevision someday will have a lot of ‘splainin to do.

  15. That’s because I’ve been replying to you so often. I never initiated any of the comments. I spent more time replying to you than I did writing some of the articles. I didn’t get a chance to read your last few on Vision Zero, so can we just call it quits at over 500? You have been remarkably silent on the last two B44 articles though.

  16. Seriously? I come here to congratulate and thank Ned and you respond by arguing with me?

    Is it really that hard to restrict the arguments to the threads in which there’s actually something to disagree about?

    By the way, I commented on one of your many B44 threads this afternoon – maybe you haven’t seen it yet.

  17. I wasn’t arguing. I merely asked you a question which didn’t require any responses here.

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