Happy Ramadan!


Ramadan Greenfield Pharmacy
Ramadan Mubarak!

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar began Saturday, when Muslims around the globe – including in our neighborhood – fast for a month from sunrise to sunset.

We spotted the sign pictured above at Greenfield Pharmacy (1526 Cortelyou) about special Ramadan hours and wanted to see if you’ve heard of other businesses that have new hours for the month? Also, send an email to if you know of special Ramadan happenings! And, if you have any Ramadan photos, you can email us, post them in the Ditmas Park Corner Flickr group, or tag them #ditmaspark on Instagram, and we’ll post them on the blog.

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  1. Not being Muslim, has any major Muslim organization or any renown Muslim cleric condemned the kidnapping and execution of the three young Israelis in their Ramadan prayers?

  2. Yes. I was talking to a couple of Muslim clerics just yesterday, and each mentioned that, in their Ramadan prayers, they were condemning the kidnapping and execution of the three young Israelis.

  3. Were those renown Muslim clerics that you spoke to? Do you know of any major Muslim organization that condemned the kidnapping and execution in their Ramadan prayers?

  4. So if they were very renown Muslim clerics, I guess they would not mind if you made the names of those clerics you spoke with public. Can you please name those clerics. It would be great to know which Muslim clerics condemned the kidnapping and execution in their Ramadan prayers as many Americans view Islam and their clerics with Islamophobia..

  5. Yeah, thanks for taking the opportunity to show your racism. Made my freak’n morning. Let’s not even get started on the list of things Israeli’s haven’t condemned. Jesus, every organized community has their stains. Just like not all Christians are the same, nor are all Muslims. And I bet you anything, you have a pretty limited understanding of Islam. Do you even know why Muslims fast during Ramadan? To better connect and understand the experiences of the less fortunate. UGH. Ignorance can really spoil a morning coffee.

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