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Halikarnas Closed, Building For Sale


It appears Halikarnas, the Turkish seafood restaurant at 3075 Emmons Avenue, has gone out of business.

The property owner told reader Arthur Borko that it shut down about a month ago, saying not enough people were coming by. Which sounds about right, since it took us a month to find out.

About that property owner: it’s next door neighbor Jeff Brown, who also owns Maria’s Ristorante Italiano and the building that it sits in. Brown put the Halikarnas building up for sale back in September, and it’s currently listed at $995,000.

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  1. Went there twice, it was terrible! And disgusting as well!
    Dept of Health shut it down with an enormous list of violations and they still opened their doors to customers and ripped down the closed due to DOH violations sticker! (I remember did a story on it a while back)
    I say any place that makes me sick or anyone else, AND has been shut down by DOH, not once, but twice, needs to remain closed!

  2. They didn’t rip the doh signs off – they thought that they were clever and placed a couple of potted trees in front of it so nobody would see it. I live right across the street and saw them doing this. You can’t rip those signs down – I believe you can get into major trouble if you do.

  3. Just go next door to Marmaris. The guy who owns it was partners with the guy from Halikarnas. From what I heard, Marmaris was a spite thing after the 2 had a huge blowout. So you should get the same foods and not have to miss the other place.

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