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Guvnor’s Is Closing Its 5th Avenue Shop


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Guvnor’s, the vintage clothing and accessories store at 178 5th Avenue, will be closing up shop in the next couple months. Citing a changing neighborhood demographic and a high overhead as the reasons for shuttering the space, which opened here in 2010 (and was previously next door with a different name for a couple years before that), owner Suzette Sundae explains she’s grateful for the time she’s had here, but is looking forward to having more time for creative pursuits by shifting her focus to online sales.

“Fewer and fewer of our ‘fashion-forward,’ ‘vintagista’ shoppers have been strolling in, but the strollers . . . well, those strollers continue streaming past, in endless waves of upper middle class, conservative earth tones,” she wrote in a letter posted online to address her reasons for closing the shop. “As a retailer, I’m supposed to go with that flow – but I’m just not that kinda gal, I guess. The thought of selling khaki jackets and baby buggies appeals as much to me, as eating Wonderbread dipped in milk. It wouldn’t kill me, but it wouldn’t offer the creative nourishment, that I crave. Sure, we could move to Williamsburg, or Bushwick, but what about when those neighborhoods suffer a similar ‘Conservo Scourge?'”

For those of you out there not in the market for khaki jackets, starting today all current stock in the store is deeply discounted, from 50-70% off (with a few exceptions), to liquidate a lot of their inventory, and more will be added from their warehouse space in the coming weeks.

They plan on making some inventory available on Etsy (with more to come even after the physical store closes), and acknowledge that even though online retail is part of the reason they’re closing the shop (saying “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”), that people should still make an effort to shop at stores in the neighborhood.

“I’m telling you this, in hopes that you’ll support your local brick & mortar retailers, who have the gumption to continue serving you,” Suzette wrote. “If we don’t shop locally, someday we may have two choices, Amazon and”

One last note from Suzette is the estimated current value of the space, which she says, at the going market rate of about $100 per square foot for commercial space, would be around $15,000. Here’s hoping someone out there not only has the gumption, but the cash, to serve us after Guvnor’s is gone.

Best of luck to Suzette and her staff! You can stop by to wish them well Tuesdays -Thursdays from 12-7pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 12-8pm, and Sundays from 12-7pm (note that they’re now closed on Mondays).

Photo via Guvnor’s

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  1. Surely the demographics haven’t changed so very much since 2010 – just more of the same. It’s been an expensive neighborhood for a very long time. I don’t think Park Slope has ever been particularly known for “fashion forward, vintagista” shoppers though – they seem to have always been on the cautious side, clothing wise. Cool Park Slope – contradiction in terms, no?

  2. Sorry, added some clarification that I failed to note in the post at first–Guvnor’s opened in 2010 at this location, but it had previously been next door with a different name for a few years, first. All told, they’ve been here for almost seven years.

  3. That’s a pretty BS reason for closing a shop. I’ve lived here for 13 years and the demographic hasn’t changed. If anything, I see more younger people WITHOUT kids moving in. Way too many thrift/vintage shops opened up on Fifth and, no, I don’t think this neighborhood was going to support that sort of oversaturation. Your shop ran its course. It happens. Don’t blame the families who are the backbone of this neighborhood.

  4. That’s a pretty bitch and snide note!!

    The demographics haven’t really changed much in the last few years, this has been an upper class well off family neighborhood for a while now.

    But, way to kick the neighborhood that supported you these last few years in the ass!!

    Buh bye!!

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