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Greenfield, Felder And Deutsch Call On NYPD To Increase Patrols On Shabbos To Combat Ongoing ‘Knockout’ Assaults

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The following is a press release jointly issued by Councilman David Greenfield, State Senator Simcha Felder and Councilman-elect Chaim Deutsch:

Following yet another ‘knockout’ assault targeting an innocent pedestrian this past Saturday, Councilman David G. Greenfield, Senator Simcha Felder and Councilman-elect Chaim Deutsch are calling on the NYPD to drastically increase its presence throughout the community, especially during Shabbos, which is when two of the most recent attacks targeting Jews have occurred. This request includes additional officers, temporary lighting at trouble locations and other measures to help prevent these attacks and catch the person responsible should another assault occur. In addition, the elected officials are reminding the public to be especially vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times and to immediately report any suspicious activity to the NYPD.

The request for additional NYPD patrols and other measures comes after a young Jewish woman was punched in the head and knocked to the ground by an unknown young black male while waking near McDonald Avenue and Avenue M in broad daylight on Saturday afternoon. In response, Councilman Greenfield and Councilman-elect Deutsch met with officers from the 66th Precinct in Boro Park on Sunday to discuss the NYPD’s ongoing response and investigation into the series of unprovoked attacks, which now total approximately a dozen in Brooklyn over the past two months.

“More aggressive measures on the part of the NYPD are needed to stop this wave of brutal attacks targeting innocent victims. It is especially disturbing that people of all ages have been assaulted recently, including several elderly women. In addition, two of the recent attacks have occurred in our community on Shabbos, adding to the concern that the community is being targeted by these cowardly individuals. As a result of my meeting with NYPD officials, I am confident this pattern is being taken seriously and that we will have the resources necessary to finally put an end to this baseless violence,” said Councilman Greenfield.

“The recent ‘knockout’ attacks in our community are unacceptable and must be acted upon immediately. Inflicting violence on unsuspecting people is a cowardly act and a crime that must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. As a strong and united community, we need to show those responsible that these heinous crimes will not be tolerated. We cannot allow anyone to create unnecessary fear. We should walk the streets with our heads held high and not worry that anyone is being targeted. I have spoken with the NYPD and been assured that they are taking all necessary steps to bring these perpetrators to justice,” said Councilman-elect Deutsch.

“It is deplorable that people are still being terrorized by these knockout attacks. Every person has a right to feel safe walking in their neighborhoods, without worrying whether or not they will be bashed in the head for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The best thing people can to do to protect themselves from these heinous attacks is to be cognizant at all times of their surroundings. This means not being distracted by electronic devices and to also trust their instincts. Most importantly, if you are a victim of an attack or any crime, report it to the authorities immediately. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized twice by remaining silent,” said Senator Felder (D-Brooklyn).

As a result of the attacks, Deutsch, who founded Flatbush Shomrim 20 years ago in response to street crime, Greenfield and Felder are reminding the public of the following safety tips to help avoid becoming a victim of this senseless pattern of street violence, which has occurred in neighborhoods around Brooklyn, including Boro Park and Midwood. Residents are reminded to always be alert while walking around and to be cautious of suspicious individuals or large groups. Whenever possible, do not walk alone and try to use well-lit and populated areas with a lot of foot traffic. Always know your location in case you need to call for help, and do not hesitate to contact 911 if necessary.

“One of the great things about living in our communities is the safety that we all enjoy and take for granted. By coming together and working with the NYPD, we will reclaim our streets and ensure that residents can once again walk around the neighborhood without constantly looking over their shoulders,” said Councilman Greenfield.

“We stand together as one community of peace and harmony. Violence and hate crimes of any time are not acceptable. We must continue to join together to fight such vicious crimes so that we can continue to live without fear,” added Councilman-elect Deutsch.

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  1. “More aggressive measures on the part of the PEOPLE are needed to stop this wave of brutal attacks targeting innocent victims.” Fixed it. It would be interesting to see what would happen if one of these hoodlums attacked the wrong person and got their head beat in or shot. Can you imagine if these were a bunch of white kids knocking out black women in the street. There would be protests in every major city.

  2. i’d love to see them pick on the wrong person and get their ass handed to them. Of course, the kids and parents would turn around and sue the guy/woman..

  3. They would instantly turn into the victim and cry foul. The best part is when the family members all say he was/is a great kid and would never do anything like that.

  4. Mr gun rights himself. Having a gun is a good thing, unless that is where you get your balls from. Everyone knows you are licensed to carry…why don’t you go walk around and wait for an attack so you can do what you are preaching. No gun is going to help with a jap-punch. What would you like the “people” do and what are you doing about it? I can understand them not ratting themselves out but by now their bragging should have had them reported by their peers.

  5. What are you babbling about. Why would i go looking for trouble or go looking to hurt someone? You think because i am a gun owner i want to be a vigilante? When i say the people should do something i mean dont expect to be protected by the police and be prepared to defend yourself. There is a huge difference in being prepared and willing to defend yourself than going out and looking for trouble or looking to hurt someone. Yes it would be hard to defend from a random attack you didnt see coming. At the same time its always better to have a fighting chance if say the punch misses or just a graze. Why shouldnt i be able to protect myself with any means? Why do i have to call people with guns to help me when i am capable of carrying one myself? Do you think if most people were armed there would be so many random attacks in the street? It doesnt even have to be a gun. In NYC you cant carry a decent knife, pepper spray or a stun gun. They dont want you to be able to protect yourself in any way. They make you feel like you cant live without them and try to control everything you do. If you dont beileve there are sets of laws for them and another set for you, you are sadly mistaken. I hope you are never put in a spot where you need to defend yoursefl and there is no help. No one needs a gun until they do.

  6. It did happen. Yes, in another city, but someone was shot twice, and then jailed for the assault. We, the general public aren’t hearing much about that as it was a Black on Black crime. And yes, your right, if it were White teens doing this to elderly Black women – there probably would be riots.

  7. Thats right i forgot about that one. Someone got punched and shot back. Imagine that, someone defending themselves, how dare they.

  8. What you stated here is more to the point than your previous post. You sir are the babbler. Speak more descriptive and not as vague in your previous statement would help. You also would not sound like the ass you did.
    So let me get this straight. If people ambush your place of business and you are inside, they are outside you are going out with guns blazing because you do not need the police. You will actually wait for a thief to come in your home door because you will not call the police when they are prying it open? Oh, you will shoot through the door! No jail time there. Get over it. Guns are tuff, you sir stand behind one.
    Permit applications are still available in Kew Gardens. Why would you assume anyone does not have a gun?

  9. What is crazy is that you talk without thinking of what you are in fact saying. Listen to yourself sometime. LOL

  10. everyones a fucking racist, the victims as well as the attacker, the person who wrote this story is racist, and to the hot shots who refer to people as blacks, jews, whites…. ask yourself if that sounds a bit racist. We are all people trying to live, just some bad apples here and there we have to deal with. Whats up with this mkultra bullshit going on in brooklyn btw?

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