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Greenfield Announces PB Results: Street Improvements, Ambulances & More

Source: Councilman Greenfield's Office
Source: Councilman Greenfield’s Office

Councilman David G. Greenfield will be funding four projects to improve neighborhoods in his district — Borough Park, plus parts of Bensonhurst, following the results of this year’s participatory budgeting process. Over 2,300 people in Greenfield’s district voted to pick the projects that they wanted funded. Greenfield pledged to fund those projects in the budget to give his constituents a direct voice in how money is allocated from New York City to his communities.

“More people cast a ballot in my district this year than ever before,” Greenfield said. “I want to thank everyone who voted and volunteered to make this year’s participatory budgeting process the best year ever. I am thrilled to fund these projects that my constituents have decided are a priority. After all, nobody knows the community better than those who live there”

The top four winning projects were:

  • District-wide street resurfacing by the Department of Transportation ($200,000)
  • Ambulances for Hatzolah Volunteers – ($250,000)
  • New OHEL Community Center ($500,000)
  • Beth Jacob UPK Rooftop Jungle ($250,000)

The winners were the top four vote-getters from a ballot containing 13 projects and initiatives suggested by members of the community. Greenfield will also be funding $100,000 for NYPD security cameras in Benshonurst which was the first runner-up in the vote.

Greenfield and his staff spent last week canvassing all parts of the district, from Borough Park to Midwood to Bensonhurst, talking with members of the community and collecting votes. Voting took place from March 27th to April 3rd, with voting locations open across the district each day. In the end, with more than 2,300 ballots cast, voters in Councilman Greenfield’s chose how to allocate $1.2 million of their tax money, and the projects they selected will be funded in the upcoming New York City budget slated to pass before the end of June.

Participatory Budgeting is a Council initiative that offers voters transparency and agency in how their tax dollars are spent. Greenfield has been a strong supporter of PB ever since his election in 2010.

“This is my fifth year engaging the community in participatory budgeting. The response has been great,” said Greenfield. “I’m really thrilled that so many people chose to take part this year.”

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  1. Does anyone really believe that the “community” voted

    (1) Beth Jacob UPK Rooftop Jungle — ($250,000).

    and (2) New OHEL Community Center — ($500,000);

    as top priorities?

    Does DG really believe we are that dumb???

    Here’s the real story.

    (1)Manny Reiner, the president of Beth Jacob, is a big financial backer of DG. He arranged for DG to be ghonored @ the BJ dinner.

    (2) Do the research. Look at the Major donors to OHEL. They also are DG donors.

    End of story.

    Pass the cool aid

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