South Slope

Green-Wood Cemetery Will Welcome Runners While Prospect Park Is Closed Friday


Green-Wood Cemetery Map

As an accommodation to those inconvenienced by the closure of Prospect Park on October 25 due to President Obama’s visit, Green-Wood Cemetery will open its gates to runners between the hours of 12 and 6pm on Friday.

Cemetery officials stress that this is a one-day only accommodation. Jogging on Green-Wood grounds is otherwise strictly prohibited.

Runners can enter the cemetery at either 25th Street and 5th Avenue or at 35th Street and 4th Avenue. Parking is available at the 25th Street entrance, between the entrance gate and the Gothic Arch.

Joggers are asked to show proper respect for those who are grieving or visiting the final resting places of family members and loved ones.

Update 5:07pm: Green-Wood has decided to open another entrance to accommodate runners from the Slope. The entrance at 20th Street and Prospect Park West (the entrance closest to Prospect Park) will be open Friday from noon to 6pm.

Map via Green-Wood