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Gravesend’s Steven Calandrillo Arrested For Mowing Down Woman In Deadly Drunk Driving Accident


An early morning accident on Saturday left a woman dead after an allegedly drunk driver mowed her down before colliding with a tree.

Daily News reports:

Police said 25-year-old Steven Calandrillo was driving a Ford Fusion along Shore Parkway near Bragg St. in Sheepshead Bay just after 2 a.m. when the car veered onto the sidewalk — mowing down [53-year-old] Karin Eberts-Ayub. The car then hit a tree, officials said. The Stillwell Ave. woman died at the scene.

Paramedics found Calandrillo, a resident of Gravesend, unconscious behind the wheel and rushed him to Lutheran Medical Center for treatment.

Eberts-Ayub was fondly remembered by those who knew her as an enthusiastic painter and chef, who cooked extra turkey on Thanksgiving to give to neighbors.

Calandrillo was charged Saturday night with drunken driving, manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

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  1. Saturday Night I noticed that there was a lot more speeding than usual. And the speeding was way over the limit.

    Is this the summer we have to look forward to this year?

  2. Were he not drunk, you would have read “no charges were filed”. The driver would just proclaim “accident, sorry”, and walk away.

  3. On TV they said more drivers speed in Brooklyn than in any other borough. In Manhattan there is usually too much traffic to speed and the other boroughs have highways. I guess in Brooklyn everyone is just impatient because it takes forever to get anywhere. But that is still no excuse for driving recklessly or drunk.

  4. I wish people would stop posting snarky misinformation in comments just to say something. A month ago the story about the young woman killed near Ocean and Voorhies was covered here and in the Daily News. The driver was not drunk.

  5. That story has been disseminated widely, which was why I didn’t mention it. But perhaps I should have.

    But what I saw Saturday night was scary, we’re talking about numerous cars driving on side street well in excess of the speed limit. This is far worse than the norm, which is not acceptable but is practiced because “everybody does it”.

  6. not what i meant….

    what i meant was that if he hadnt been drunk, he very likely wouldnt have killed anyone

  7. waiting on sidewalk on Knapp Street, to cross service road to Belt Parkway, to continue toward Emmons, looked behind me to the left, started to cross, driver zoomed up and hung a right, almost into me, had I not stopped dead, I’d have been dead. Like the world is invisible from behind the windshield. Knapp street is a long term Nascar track. Needs speed bumps for 24/7 “self enforcement”.

  8. I live on Coyle Street on the other side of the highway and heard the crash. There were no sounds of s skid, just what sounded like a car exploding. That poor woman never had a chance. Shortly after the crash, I heard a hysterical woman screaming at the top of lungs “Oh my God!” That scream, coupled with NYPD staying at the scene until 5:00am, told me that someone was seriously hurt and maybe even killed.

    Shore Parkway in both directions has become a drag strip. This is especially true for cars coming off the westbound Belt Parkway behind the movies theaters which was the direction this guy was traveling. In addition in both directions, there is a long distance between the traffic light at Nostrand Ave, and Knapp St.

    Maybe late on Friday and Saturday nights, NYPD should post a radio car with a radar detector on this section of Shore Parkway.

  9. Knapp Street is the opposite of a long term Nascar track. You miss every light from Ave U to Shore Parkway. Can’t go more than 20 mph.

  10. I’v known, been aquaintences of the driver driver my whole life, he lives in gerritsen beach by the way not gravesend, and when I heard this terrible news I was just not shocked at all I knew something like this would eventually happen with him behind the wheel, It;s been a long time coming he was always driving beyond reckless I knew this would happen one night,

  11. Have known this guy for a long long time around my neighborhood. He is a nice person but absolutely reckless asshole driver for as long as I can remember and would always drink and drive and definitely on drugs and has a reputation for that and speeding. I would be scared beyond belief if my friends would get in a car with him. I would see this exact car outside my house everyday with his loser friends speeding and being obnoxious and always smoking pot outside my house. I am sadly not shocked at allll by this horrible event as he has gotten in many car accidents and knocked down entire glass bus stops and street signs in driving accidents. I feel awful for this poor woman who was just walking down a street and had the unfortunate fate of crossing paths with Steve Callendrillo. I think he is a nice, helpful person deep down, but this was bound to happen I don’t know how he was still legally even driving and the streets are definitely safer without him on them.

  12. He very likely would have killed someone drunk or not unfortunately, he was an extremely dangerous reckless fast driver who had many accidents and I was scared anytime I would see his car.

  13. Lol Steve and his family are wreckless garbage, his wise guy wannabe farther is garbage I live in there nabiorhood in ger beach these low lives get what they deserve. now some one is gonna be wreckless with his sons rear in jail. Thank God they caught him I hope he gets a few years he deserves it.. So long sucker..

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