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Wanted: Gravesend Robbery Suspect Escapes From 61st Precinct

Robbery suspect Thomas Davtian is on the lam after escaping from the 61st Precinct stationhouse last night. Source:

Police are looking for 27-year-old Thomas Davtian of Shell Road, who disappeared between 9:30 and 10:22 p.m. last night (sources vary) from a 61st Precinct stationhouse interview room.

Davtian, who was arrested in connection with a robbery, is described as 6’2” tall, 180 pounds with green eyes and brown hair. According to police, he was last seen wearing a gray T-shirt, dark blue jeans and black sneakers with a red stripe.

This is not the first time Davtian has been in trouble with the law. In January, armed with an automatic weapon, Davtian “allegedly threatened to ‘put a hole in’ a gas station owner and a 17-year-old attendant outside the Sunoco station across the street from police headquarters” in Clifton, New Jersey.

Several passersby saw the confrontation, which occurred in front of the gas pumps just before 2:45 p.m. at the busy intersection of Van Houten and Clifton avenues. The New York man, Thomas Davtian, 27, was arguing with the owner, Gagik Grigorian, 44, about $60,000 owed to Davtian’s father, said Detective Capt. Robert Rowan.

Anyone with information about Davtian is encouraged to contact the NYPD Crime Stoppers hotline via phone [Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477)], text [Text your tips to CRIMES (274637), then enter TIP577] or online ( All calls/messages are kept confidential.


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  1. the 61 interview room is 2 feet from the front door to the left,plus the 61 will be quick to abuse a 90 pound female with a limp but when its a 6ft2inch thug they draw straws on who has to make the arest

  2. The 61st pct is full of wimps.  There used to be standards (height/weight regulations) to become a cop.  Now alls I see is chubby little white, black and hispanic chicks and men who can qualify as chicks.  What happened to the tough irish cops like back when I was a kid?  Those guys would kick your ass!  These new age cops just hide out in dunkin donuts and stuff their fat little faces and ignore their calls. 

  3. My pops was capt. years ago at 1 police plaza,he refused to let me have anything to do with the local police,he considers them as the wrong croud to hang with,imagine that,police are the crooks,the bad apples..this comeing from a well respected retired captain,and as for them being fat,out of shape and whatever else,he actually sheds tears when he sees them,he doesnt find it funny,it makes a grown man cry

  4. yup, 61st pct is the biggest jokke! the biggest pussies of NYC are in that pct. The whole pct consists of a bunch of homos who that got bullied in school and became cops rather than commit suicide. dirtyyy corrupt pct! 

  5. Ahhh Grasshopper – your Pops was/is a wise man.  Like i said, cops today are not like the cops of yesteryear.  They were real men, Nunya may be correct when he/she said that these were the bullied kids.  It would not surprise me if they were.  They have the uniform and the gun – big men, but they can’t do the job.  When I said chubby – it was not meant as a joke.  Alot of these today cops have “dunlaps” disease – their bellies done lap over their belts.  They are so out of shape that there is no way that they can perform their duties properly.  Whatever happened to the sumo squad at the police accademy???

  6. If you’re such a tough guy, call one of the 61 cops a p*ssy to their face and see what happens.  You won’t because you’re only a tough guy when you’re sitting in front of your computer.  

  7. and your an idiot for making such a comment, see it’s one thing when you call a random wanker to his face a pussy, but when you call a cop a pussy, that’s like asking to get Tazed.

    soo before you splurt idiotic comments out like that maybe you should think,

    As for this post, if the cops don’t catch him…. they have proven to be a bunch of Pussies.

    sorry for cussin.

  8. How can you say that the 61 cops are not pussies.  There were 5 of them at the SB train station one day.  On my train, there was a man, drunk, loud and trying to hit people.  When we pulled into SB, a few of us stood in the doorway of the train and demanded that this POS be taken off and arrested.  5 COPS REFUSED.  They just looked in the door and said “no”.  Not Pussies?  What is your definition of pussies.  61 cops, a bunch of little girls.  Not an ounce of tough in any of those scumbags – especially DI Mastrokostas

  9. Your fuckin ass he gives shame to his  badge.  He was telling his son the truth – you evidently do not have cops in your family.  I do – and let me tell  you, they are worth shit todayl  You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  10. It’s not the first time it’s happening in 61. About 12 years ago, the guy was arrested for a fight, he was drunk and wanted to smoke. So, he left precinct, crossed the street, bought cigs, smoke and went back in to the cell. Yep, it’s true story

  11. my dad gives shame????lets discuss that in person,if your a cop leave your badge home.if you will back that statement not from a keyboard but in person we can meet up and discuss.

  12. Cops today are mostly affirmative action reject idiots…He just walked out the front door (blending with thousands of other trashy drugged out sh!t that looks just like this….)..
    Police departments won’t even hire someone if their IQ is too high…They want idiots who will kill and steal for the government on command…

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