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Gravesend Father Dead After Tragic Motorcycle Crash On Avenue X

Crash site, at Ocean Parkway and Avenue X (Photo by Sean Egan / Sheepshead Bites), and Vincent Brace with his twin children (Photo via gofundme)

A motorcyclist and local father lost his life on the Gravesend, Sheepshead Bay border Saturday night following a tragic crash.

The deceased, Vincent Brace of Gravesend, had been traveling north bound on Ocean Parkway, riding his black 2016 Kawasaki motorcycle, when a red 2013 Subaru made a left off Ocean Parkway onto Avenue X, fatally striking Vincent.

When officers arrived, they found Vincent with injuries to his head and torso, and had him transported to Lutheran Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.

No arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing.

Today, police tape was still up at the site of the crash, but traffic had otherwise gone back to normal.

According to a gofundme page set up in Vincent Brace’s memory, “Vinny left behind his wife who is now a young widow and two precious three-year-old twins who adored their daddy”. In a single day, 146 people have together raised $12,535, more than half of the page’s $25,000 goal. The donations will go to Vincent’s children.

“Vincent was a funny, loving and humble guy,” Shalaina Blount wrote on the page, “I am honored to have gotten the chance to get to know him while working as HP in Coney Island Hospital.”

Avenue T has lost a father, husband, and son. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Brace family.

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  1. Ocean Parkway and Ave T is technically Sheepshead Bay. The border of Sheepshead and Gravesend, but still. This article should have been on Sheepshead Bites.

  2. Innocent life that was taken tragically by a reckless driver…may he rest in peace.

    I frequently hear how loud cars go around this area; people are such morons for speeding in a residential area…this isn’t Fast & Furious!

  3. Father of two should not be on a motorcycle. Condolences to the family but with motorcycles it is ALWAYS a when and not an if.

  4. Vinnie subbed in a bowling league I was in. I remember seeing him with his twins were born. Always has a smile. Good dude. Young people put it off but personal life insurance is so necessary because you have to protect your family

  5. Really John? Allow me to enlighten you. This past Tuesday, crane operator and Harley Rider George Smith was killed in a senseless crane accident is Queens as a beam that fell 4 stories crashing through his cab killed him instantly. Note, he was at work and not on his bike. Death knows no method. You can die crossing the street. It’s the idiots in the cars who “don’t see us” or who are texting or talking on their phones when it is too late. As a fellow rider, I pray for his soul and strength for both of these families.

  6. It is basically the idiot behind the wheel, but the car plays a big part . Stats On Motorcycle Accidents

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Association shows that 53 percent of “crossing path” crashes involved left-hand turns. And 36 percent of fatal accidents involving motorcycles involve a car making a left-hand turn in front of that motorcycle.

    It’s not enough that motorcycle riders have to be vigilant while riding and knowing they have the right of way. If a crash occurs, the other driver’s insurance company will try to pin the blame on you regardless of fault.

  7. None of those stats put the blame on the car drivers. If the cars were making “left-hand turn in front of that motorcycle”, it can also be inferred that the motorcycle may have been going too fast, or accelerated inappropriately. It’s all guess work, with no formal, verifiable data to back up either blame scenario.

    In my experience as a car driver, motorcycles tend to speed, cut between larger vehicles with little regard to space available, veer from lane to lane without signaling, etc. It may look different from the seat of a Harley, but that’s why the blame game is entirely subjective. Unless you can catch the whole event on video from several clear angles, you’ll never really know who was to blame.

    I do mourn Mr. Brace’s sudden death – moreso even at this time of year. His family is in my prayers.

  8. It’s been proven time and again through studies, but I am tired of explaining. You obviously don’t ride and therefore can’t or refuse to understand. We are everywhere, look twice and save a life. May he rest in peace. I’m done. Have a safe day.

  9. How does anything you wrote contradict John Smith’s comment? The fact that death can strike at any time, in any manner does not justify worsening your odds by risky behavior when you are responsible for the well-being of small children.

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